Peri's Lip Balm and Lip Ink Review!

Hi everybody! In this Blog i'm going to be showing you guys
my Peri's Lip balm and Lip ink review! I purchase this
product from Korea, as i mentioned on 
my previous blogsome of you may already know that, 
one of my friend help me to 
get bunch of Korean Products to try! 
And this is one the product she 
helped me to purchase! <3 

Actually i saw this product recently when i was shopping
at Watson, and they also sell Peri's cosmetics. 
I think the packaging is quite attractive, 
i love the little carton on the  bottle as well.
I think this product is great for doing 
Korean Gradient lips look or if you are looking for
a moisturizing Lip tint! <3 


This is my lips before (i didn't apply anything on my lips ) 

I applied a concealer on my lips only on the outer
part of my lips so it's easier for me to create a gradient lips! 

And i'm applying the product only on 
the center part of my lips . 

Using my fingers to spread the lip products outward,  

To finish off i'm going to apply Peri's lip balm on my lips
to moisturize my lips!  

So this is how my lips looks like after!  


The texture is creamy and easy to apply, 
it is also great for dry lips, because it is pretty
moisturizing, and it smells amazing as well. 
it smells yummy :p <3   

 i LOVE the applicator! The applicator is a little flat,
and it's easy to apply if you want to fill in your whole lips, 
and getting around the edges without making a mess!  And 
it is also long lasting so you don't need to worry about
 re-applying after having a meal or a drink  :p  Love it <3