Gel Nails at home!

Hi everybody! I have done quite some reviews this days, 

and i am really getting into it, i hope you guys like some 
of my review! It is really fun to try and share with you guys
my honest opinion about some few products i have bought.
My previous reviews products are actually bought from Korea.
 One of my friends help me to 
purchase the product while she was over there! :)
 This are one of the product that  
i taught it was interesting to review! 

(Innocent Saturday Set ) 

It is the gel nail kit that you can do it at home! 
So starting from the right side of the picture, 
there is the Base Gel and No.37 is more 
like a purple with sparkle, and No.33 is gray color. 
The No. 33 and No. 37 are called 2 step gel. 
I personally love the bottle packaging, 
i think it's really cute and different compare to the 
typical glass bottle nail polish.

It comes with a mini UV light, and you can connect the USB
cable to your laptop! I think it's super adorable and i think
it's great for traveling and taking around with you!  


So i'm going to apply this cuticle oil that i bought from sasa
it's the brand called Sally Hansen, and it has vitamin E!
I think it's important to apply cuticle oil before applying nail polishes
 so your nails will be healthy
 and moisturize! and not brittle!

I'm taking the base Gel before applying the 2 step Gel to
Protect my nails from turning yellow. 

I put my hands into the UV light for about 40 seconds after
applying the Base Gel. The light will turn off by itself when 
It's ready!

This is how it looks like when it's done 
going under the UV light. You can also 
Leave it like this, and not apply the Step 2.
I think it also looks good just having clear Gel nails!

After i applied the Base Gel, i'm going to apply this gray color
on my nails, and leaving just one nails for other nail polish. 

And put your fingers in the UV light, and wait for
 about 40 seconds,I put 2 fingers at ones because 
i think it's way faster that way! 
Please be careful of the UV light because
 sometimes It gets really hot! 

This is how it looks like ones it goes under the UV light,
i only applied one coat and the color are really stick.

This is the fun part! and to add a little bling bling to
one of your fingers! <3 This days mix and 
match nails are trending so i decided to add a 
purple bling on just one of my fingers!

This is how my nails looks like when i'm done doing all of my nails! 
I really love the colors and i actually had lots of fun
doing my nails! It's my first time trying out gel nail! 
I also like how the colors are very stick, the UV light is also
very compact and easy to use! 

The down side about this product is that
it's pretty hard to dry when you apply second coat. 
It's better to apply first coat and then go under the UV light 
and then apply the second layer one it's dry! 

But over all i really love the product, and it was really fun,
and the whole set of the product is really cute, 
and i love the nail polish colors! 
LOVE the gray and the Purple bling COMBO <3

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