Etude House 101 Play Stick Review

Hi everybody! :) So today i have exciting review today 
for the Etude House Play 101 Stick! One of my 
Idol Pony did a collaboration featuring an entire
 line of easy to-use products and it is 
also great for Makeup beginners!

The Play 101 Stick It is a double-sided contour
 stick that has a white ivory highlight shade
 on one end and a brown contour shade on the other. 
It is a creamy texture and it's easy to
 bland and it glides on my skin really smooth. 
The brown contour stick is the perfect color 
 it is not too warm tone or cool tone. 

I applied the highlighter on my nose bridge,forehead, under eyes,cheeks, under my cheek bones. 

So this is how i look like after blending the highlighter.

I love how it glides onto my skin really smooth but, 
only down side about the product for me is that,
 the texture is creamy but it is more like a powdery 
finish,so if you have dry skin like me, it really shows.

I applied the contour on my temples and 
cheek-bones jawbone.

I also applied the contour on my nose and i use the
blending egg sponge that one of my friend Korea
helped me to purchase, and awesome is that,
in Korea daiso they sell egg sponge! Malaysia Daiso
should step up their game :p Since i am a HUGE 
Daiso fan :p I always get my fake flashes from Daiso <3 

So this is how i look like after contouring! 
My face looks much slimmer compare to before i 
contour. I can't wait to film makeup video using
Etude House 101 play stick! <3 
I will rate this product about 7 out of 10! Make sure to
Subsribe to STAYOUNG YouTube channel
to see me using 101 stick in one of my video 
as well and keep me updated <3

You can also watch how pony did
 her contouring and highlight using 
Etude House 101 Play stickon 
YouTube Skip the video to 1:09 
for the Etude House 101 play stick :)

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