Ariana Grande Dangerous Women Inspired makeup

Hi everybody! So recently i have been obsessed with 
Ariana Grande music video called " Dangerous Women " 
I think in this music video, she is more sexy and it's different
from her other music video! I really love her make up in 
her music video as well! Her makeup in the music video,
she did kind of like a pink eye shadow and 
smoke it out at the corner of the eyes, 
and she also did it with a nude lips! 


So starting off i'm going to do my eyebrows,
 i am using a eyebrow pencil to out line my brows first,
and then fill them in. I'm going to slightly arch 
my eyebrows on the tails of myeyebrows 
like Ariana Grande eyebrows. 


I'm taking 10. Strawberry Bon Bon

And i'm putting all over my eyelid. 

After i done applying the eye shadow all over my eyelid
i'm taking 16Amaretto  

I'm going to apply it on the outer corner of my eyes and 
then slowly blend it to the center of my eyes. for smokey
sexy eyes look. 

And i'm also going to take the same eye shadow
and i'm going to put it on the lower lid. 

I'm taking a gel eyeliner and going to line my eyes. 
to elongate my eyes as well.
I'm also going to line on my lower lid.

After i done lining my eyes, i'm going to take my all
time favorite lashes from DAISO <3 which is really
affordable and comfortable!

I'm applying mascara on my lower lashes! 

And then i'm going to apply Foundation. 

I'm going to powder my face, to give it a matte finish. 

I'm using Etude House 101 Play stick 

I'm going to contour my cheek bones 

And my Nose to look like Ariana Grande

And also on my forehead  

And then on my chin to create sharp chin like Ariana Grade. 

And i'm highlighting my under eye to hide my dark under eye.

On my chin for my shin to look protruding.  

To make more definition. 

And i'm taking blush from benefit called dandelion. on 
my cheek bones and brush it across a little angled 
so my face looks more sharp and not chubby. 

And i'm taking this beautiful Salmon color lipstick by
bobbi brown 

And i'm taking another anther lipstick that 
has a light pink color because just having the bobbi
brown salmon color will be a little too nude. 

So this is how i look like after when i'm done!

You can also watch the tutorial on YouTube 


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