Angelababy Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Angelababy is super Gorgeous and Beautiful, i love to look at her instagram and get inspired her makeup style as well as fashion! So i decided to make a videoinspired by her makeup style! :) and write it as a blog as well! Her makeup is mostly natural,i did  winged eyeliner and a little bit of a color on the lips, and flawless skin! 

First i'm going to moisturize my skin before applying my foundation, Angela baby has beautiful flawless skin. 
And my skin is pretty dry so, for a flawless finish look, i'm going to prep my skin before the foundation.   

And BOOM! Did i scar you guys? :p 
Yup i have no makeup on. I am going to apply the 
moisturizer all over my face. My skin is more to combination 
skin so this moisturizer is like a must have for me. 
It has tea Tree and Tea tree oil is great for Oily skin! This moisturizer smalls amazing as well,
It smells really fresh like lemon <3  

I'm taking long wear cream shadow by bobbi brown 

I'm going to draw a straight line on the bottom of my eyebrows. It's kind of like a guide like
 for me to fill in my eyebrows I'm not really good at feeling in my eyebrows because it's hard to see my eyebrow shape, I'm trying to grow them out to do the Korean style eyebrows. Before my eyebrow was arched :p So currently my eyebrow is Bald :p    

Following the guide line at the bottom, i'm filling in my eyebrows. 
Starting from the inner corner of my eyes to the
Outer corner of my eyes. 
I'm drawing my eye brow slightly longer then usual 
Because angelababy eyebrow is longer then my eyebrows.   

And i'm cleaning up any mistakes 

So this is how i look like after i done feeling
 both of my eyebrows :)  

I'm taking Natural Skin Perfection by Lancome. 
And i'm using a foundation that has a little more coverage.
to cover up my redness of my skin.
And it is more long lasting! 

And i'm applying it to all over my face.

I'm going to be using this Concealer that has UV protection

I'm applying it on my under eye, forehead,acne scars, and
any imperfection to achieve beautiful skin like angelababy. 

Moving on to eyes, I'm using fake lashes that i bought from
Daiso for only RM 5 each, they are so cheap and 
Comfortable to wear, and i have been a big fan for 
this lashes for long time now! I wear it every single day.

I'm going to cut the lashes according
 to the width of my eyes.

Taking clear lash glue from Daiso 

And i'm going to attach it onto my eyes, and
ones it's dried, i'm going to take a second lashes and 
layer them together. 

So this is how it looks like when i apply 2 layers of lashes!
I have hooded eyes so by wearing lashes
it push up my heavy eyelid and makes a huge
difference on my eyes. 

I'm going to draw a wing on my eyes. and drawing
a line on my lash line.

And then, i'm drawing a line on the bottom of my eye
to create puffy eyes.  If you look closely to her picture 
you can see she has puffy eyes :)
Currently is a makeup trend in Korea to draw a puffy eyes. 
And it's called Aegyo sal. 
And i also made a tutorial on it so you can 
see my previous Blog!  

I'm applying mascara on my lower lashes. 

And i'm contouring my nose bridge to
achieve tall nose like angelababy. 

I'm going to use this cream blush and they are 
so easy to apply and i love the color! 
And it looks really natural :) 

And i'm applying it on the apples of my cheeks. 

For lips i'm taking this two lipstick and one is darker color
and the other one is more of a salmon pink color

i Kept the eyes really simple and i add a little bit of 
a color on my lips to finish off the look! 

This is how i look like when i'm done! 
i also did angelababy signature smile :p 

You can also watch the tutorial on YouTube! 

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