Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Review

You might already heard of Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Palette by Too Faced. 
I heard a lot of great reviews from other Beauty Gurus on YouTube from while back ago. 
I finally got my hands to it recently, to be honest it's a little pricey from what other makeup i usually get. 
but after trying and testing it i can see why so many people have been hype about this amazing palette!  

So recently i went to SEPHORA just to window Shop, 
usually i testing every products there as possible and 
touching up my makeup with the tester and walk 
away awkwardly out of the shop
 because i feel bad i didn't buy anything :p #gulity 

This is kind of random but, my previous job is a beauty advisor, 
Properly i will hate my own self for doing that :p
I had some few customer in the pass that dose that and
that was one of my pet peeves. 

Too Face Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Palette RM 199.00

While i was window Shopping i saw Chocolate Bar eye shadow and decided to purchase it :)  
When i first open the palette and can get a huge whiff of chocolate! It's smells so yummy,  
it really smells like a actual Chocolate!  

There is a reason why it smells so amazing!  There's chocolate in the shadows.
 And there is a lot of amazing skin care  benefits with cocoa powder.  
Too Faced Co-Founder
 and Creative Director Jerrod Blandino 
was inspired to add cocoa powder to makeup 
while having a chocolate facial
 and learning about the benefits of
 cocoa at a Hawaiian spa!!  


While i do quite a lot of neutral palettes,
 this palette is one of my favorites compare to other 
palettes that i own for it's versatility. 
And there is a lot of option of shadows to pick! 
Yet all of the colors goes well together and you
can create many different look. 

1. Gilded Ganache
2. Salted Caramel 
3. Hazelnut
4. White Chocolate
5. Marzipan
6. Creme Brule
7. Semi-Sweet
8. Haute Chocolate
9. Milk Chocolate

10. Strawberry Bon Bon
11. Cherry Cordial
12Black Forest Truffle
13Candied Violet
14. Champagne Truffle
15. Triple Fudge

These shadow are super pigmented so 
it is really easy to apply and they aren't too
 powdery and they blend really great as well 
without fading, creasing other issues. 

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