Cleansing Brush

The Facial Purifier Miracleanser. S

RM 149

  • Pore care
  • Exfoliation 
  • Lifting effect 
  • Sebum control    

STAYOUNG The Facial 
Purifier Miracleanser.S 
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Stayoung The Facial Purifier has a 4D vibration. It gently messages the skin, removing dead skin cells and any make-up residues and it also removes any black heads and tighten your pores 

Hi everybody! Have you guys heard of a Miracleanser. S? 
Miracleanser . S has Deep cleansing with 4 direction sonic wave vibration and it rotates 18,000 times per minutes! 
So it really gets deep down to your pores and cleanses your skin :) It can also exfoliates your skin!

Washing your skin with just a cleanser everyday, it dose not clean all the residue 
that is stuck in your pores! Especially if you wear makeup everyday like i do, 
Miracleanser. S is a must have in your daily skincare routine :)

STAYOUNG The Facial Purifier Miracleanser.S brush are super soft and gentle on your skin 
while the 4D Vibration helps to get rid  of the residue stuck deep within the pores! 
I took a close up shots of the brush  for you guys to see :) 
The brush is made out of Fiber so it's super soft and thin it's about 0.009mm that helps cleanses your pores to the deepest! 
Fiber rush can  last pretty long compared to synthetic brushes! 

And guess what?? The 4D motion brush also has Lifting effect! 
The 4D Vibration gently massages your skin and provides lifting effect!
 It's like your own little facial kit at home!  

The 4D motion brush is also water proof! And you can also use during shower :) 

1. Lightly wet your face with water
2. Apply Cleanser on face 
3.Turn on the Miracleanser.S
4. Slowly move around the device around your face, 
*Tips. Focus more around your most concern area, for example your T zone area
It can help you to remove all the dead skin as well as removing any residue stuck in the pores!

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