Oily Skin Problem

The Secret Control Face Mask - Charlotte

RM 6.90 

- Makes Your skin Feeling softer and smoother 
- Reduce Acne Scars
 -Reduce redness
 -Control Oily skin problem

The Secret Moisturizing Face Mask Charlotte, contains Lotus lower extract and it's rich in vitamins and minerals that helps your skin feeling smoother!

Hi everybody! I will like to share with you guys today about
NAISTURE The Secret Control Mask - Charlotte!
The secret control mask - Charlotte contains 
Lotus lower extract and it's rich in vitamins and minerals that
helps to sooth your skin while reducing redness on your skin.

The secret skin control mask - Charlotte helps to control trouble skin types
It can also help with oily skin that is caused by
excess secretion of sebum! and acne scared skin :) 
If you wear makeup on daily bases oily skin
melts off our makeup really easy, and it won't last the makeup as long!

Picture above are before and after picture after using the mask!
 Before my skin looks a little red, 
and i have some few acne scars 
as well as my skin looks shiny on the picture.
After my skin is less red and my acne scar
has lighten as well as well!

Tips for oily skin!

The next day after using the mask, make sure you apply toner! 
This is just a tiny tip but toner can help to balance the Ph Level on your skin that 
can control your skin to be too oily though out the day!


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