Moisturizing Face Mask

 The Secret Moisturizing Mask Elizabeth

 RM 6.90

 -Helps with moisture loss
 -Makes your skin feeling softer and smoother
 -Helps with tightness

The Secret Moisturizing Mask Elizabeth Contains Lilly Extract that Helps to soften your skin and it is also rich in aloe essence that keeps your skin feeling soft and supple.   

Hi everybody! So lately my skin has been really dry and tight, 
now when our skin is dry and tight it will be pretty irritating and red, 
It will be obvious when we wear foundation that our skin is dry! 
and you can see the dead skin and skin is cracking. 
Foundation can hide imperfection but it dose not hide your dry skin! 

The Secret Moisturizing Mask are rich in aloe essence that makes your skin soft and supple!  
Beta-glucan  and hyaluoric acid has a amazing moisture ability 
to hydrate your dry and tight skin and prevent moisture loss :)   

Picture above are before and after picture after using the mask! 
My skin feels less tight! and it moisturized my skin as well 
it reduces redness from irritation from dryness 
and now my make up bland more easy and i have more confidence now my my skin! 

When you done applying your mask, 
don't forget to spread the essence on your face
 as well on your neck, arms , and hands! 
Don't let any of the essence go to waste! :)

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  1. Moisture is definitely a thing you can't resist; especially in winters. Moisture mask for face helps you recover from such problems. I recommend them.