How to brighten skin

 The Secret Brightening Mask - Izabel

 RM 6.90

 - Helps to reduce dull & dark   
 - Uneven skin tone
 -Makes your skin brighter
 - Helps with freckles

 The Secret Brightening Mask - Izabel contains arbutin inhabits, the formation of melanin to brighten the skin tone while rose, Orange and bran extract helps to clarify your skin.  

When you are exposed to the sun often, it effect your skin, 
It creates freckles and uneven skin tone! 

The Secret Brightening Mask Izabel Contains melanin that helps to brighten 
your uneven skin tone while rose, orange, bran helps to clarify freckles! 
If you are more of a out door lover like me, this is a must have mask! :)   

Above are before and after picture! and after my skin looks brighter then before! 

There are actually two separate sheets! By having two separate sheets helps to fit on your face better!

 I tired the mask sheets and i didn't put it in the fridge but it has slightly of a cooling effect as well as soothing effect,
the texture of the mask are really soft and it smells amazing and it is not to over powering!

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