HI everybody! So recently i been to Intercontinental to did my photoshoot for " STAYOUNG The Facial Purifier Miracleanser.S! " 
You can click here to check out my previous blog! =====> STAYOUNG The Facial Purifier Miracleanser. S 

I had a lot of fun taking pictures! 
We also film some video for Youtube! 
And i will be sharing with you guys on how i cleans my skin and remove my makeup on my daily routine.  
I also took bunch of silly pictures on my break time for my shooting! 
Some may not know me but i am really hyper most of the time lol drank some coffee in the morning 
and in the evening i drank more coffee as well :p 
I should say " This is the after effect of drinking coffee" and it will explain why i am so hyper that day :P 

Check out my #OOTD :P I am wearing white Bathrobes they are super comfy and it's a little big on me but it is not a major problem :p My white bathrobe matches with my sun glasses as well as my head band :p 

Talking about my head band, i think it's from Daiso? They are super adorable! It reminds me of dose Japanese / Korean Drama where the girl comes out of the shower and wearing the head band with a huge bow in the middle! Not only it's super cute but there are really great for getting your hair out of your face! You can also wear this when you want to apply your facial mask or while washing your face! Or in the shower! Or if you are brave enough you can wear it out as well :p maybe you can rock this look with other outfit! it might be the new fashion trends! <3 haha  

As i mention before about my obsession with coffee! I had a hot cup of coffee during my break time! I love Mocha <3 
But if i am drinking coffee i love me some Hot Coco <3

Some how the aroma hot the hot chocolate helps me to relax and zone out! It also helps me to sleep better! <3 I get tired very easy so coffee is a must have for my body and mind to function! Some of you might understand what i mean haha :p  

Posing part 1

 Posting part 2!

I was trying to do one of dose CSI miami     pose haha :p if you know what i mean :p 

  Posing part 3 

Posing part 4 

I was trying to be one of dose Picasso painting called " The scream " 
This is pretty random but when i was a child i was a big fan of picasso, 
i love how his painting was unique and different :)  
I drew everyday as a child and if i got a paper and a pencil i will be really happy :3

Before i end this blog i just want to say....."PEACE OUT" <3<3<3

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