Korean Style Natural Sexy wave hair Tutorial ( Yeoshin Muri)

Hi  everybody! Today i will like to show you guys how to create " Yeoshin Muri"  
 Yeoshin Muri = Goddess Hair
And most of the Korean Celebrity dose
 this hair style as well! I think this hair style
 looks effortless and sexy 
and it's really easy and quick to do! :)

So starting off i heated my curling iron to
190 degree  

I'm taking about one inch section of my hair 

I'm curling my hair mostly focusing on the ends
of my hair to create more of a natural look

I'm taking another section of my hair,
i am curling my hair from the front and then going
around till the back of my head.

*Tips: I'm putting the hair that is no curled behind
the ones that is curled i am putting it on the front
so i won't get mixed up with the hair
that has not been curled.  

Tips: When you curl your hair outward it 
gives more like a sexy look.   
And for today's look i'm going to curl it
outward :)

Tips: when you curl it it inward it frames your face
as well it makes your face appear more smaller
so it gives more like a cuter and sweet look. 

I'm going to curl all of my hair focusing more on the bottom 

After you done curling your hair, apply any oil,
serum etc on your hair so your curls can
last longer without going frizzy 
throughout the day.  

If you think your top part of your hair looks
a little flat you can curl few parts of you hair from
the top part, grabbing random section.

Or you can also back comb your hair 
to create more Volume :)

Or you can also flip your hair, it is the most fastest way
you can create more volume and also loosen up
your curls and give more of a effortless and natural
waves to your hair!

So this is how my hair looks like when i'm done!

 You can also watch the tutorial on YouTube <3

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