How to get V Shape Face at home!

 V - Line Lifting Mask Pack  
 (Dual Wide Collagen Mask pack)

 RM 18.90  
 16g(1pc) / 0.56 FL OZ

 - Helps Lift your face 
 - Achieving V - Line shaped Chin  
 - Makes your face slimmer 
 - Keeps your face feeling Moisturized! 
 - Comfortable and well - fitted double sided mask which dose not slide off your face and holds your chin up the whole time in order to provide you with well - contoured V - line shaped Chin. 

Hi everybody! Today i want to share with you guys today a unique
mask that can help lift your face, making your face look slimmer! 

I've seen many girls who are really pretty but there is just a minor set
back about their face shape, whether it be a double chin or the extra

baby fat around the two sides of the jaw, all of which can be easily fixed! 
Without under   going the knife! 
All you need is 15~20 minutes a week it all it takes!

Sometimes i feel like my face is a little bloated!
 Due to excess fat, water, around my face making me look chubby! 
Naisture V - line Mask pack can help to lift your face and 
 also slim down your face achieving V - line shaped face!


It also comes with a Ampoule, it is a " step 1 "  
 it helps you to prep your skin before applying the 
mask over your face! It gives moisture to your face 
as well it helps you to whiten your skin and reduce wrinkles!  

 Behind the mask there is the ingredients listed so you don't have
 to worry about what you put on your face! 
I think it's important to check the ingredients of what products you use
makes sure you are not allergic to anything and make sure
to check any harmful ingredients! 

         There is a line for you to tip the step 1 off  

And pour it onto your hands. 

Apply it generously on your whole face

 Apply all over your jawline and neck as well! :) 
You can also message your face and your jaw line 
for more slimming effect!

 After applying the Ampoule Open the mask pouch open from the top, 
and take off the plastic film on the mask, leave the bottom part
for later on. 

This part actually hooks onto your ears! 

It is made out gel patch so it really 
grabs and sticks onto 
my face really well!

Attached the mask from one side of the
 ears to the other and pet t
he mask for the gel 
mask to stick onto your face.

Open the plastic film on the bottom 

And hood the bottom part of the 
mask on your ears, and this is how it looks like! 
It felt very fitted to my face
and really pulled all my meat up
 on my jaw
as well as the rest of my face! 

You are suppose to leave the mask on for about 15 ~ to 20 minutes,
i leave it on for about 20 minutes :)  

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