Korean puffy eye makeup Tutorial (Aegyo Sal)

Hi Everybody! Today i will like to show you 
guys How to Create Korean 
Makeup Trend called " Aegyo Sal". 
Aegyo Sal means " Cute Skin " In Korean.
By creating a puffy eye it gives you a appearance
 of a smiling eyes and well it makes you look more cuter! 
And it also makes your eyes appear more larger! 
This is one of my go to everyday makeup look 
and it's super easy to do as well it makes a
huge difference on my eyes! 

So starting off i already have my contract lances on, 
By having contact lances on it makes my eyes appear more larger. 

I'm going to be using Long Wear Cream 
shadow by BOBBI BROWN   

And i'm going to be putting this all over my 
eyelid as well as my under eyes it helps me to hide
 any dark circles as well as any discoloration on my eyes. 
it also help my eye shadow  to last longer 

I'm taking " Deep Love" By Edgefit 

I'm going to put this all over my eyelid 
focusing more on the outer corner of my eyes. 

I'm taking a smaller brush and i'm going to
 liner under my eyes, the reason why i chose the
 color brown for this look is because i want
 this look more softer rather then 
a sexy look.

I'm taking " Daiso eyelash glue ( clear ) 

When i apply it on my hands it's white but 

When it drys it's clear, so it's great for applying 
eyelashes because you won't be able to
 see any white glue sticking on your eyes. 

I'm going to to attach the eyelashes on. 
I am using eyelashes from Daiso I actually
 layer 2 eye lashes together o give
more volume and still looks natural.

this is how it looks like after i attached 
the eyelashes on. For me eyelashes a must 
have on my daily makeup look.
I have a hooded eyes so it helps to push up my heavy lid. 
and makes a huge difference on my eye makeup. 

I'm going to be taking 
Lash power  mascara my CLINIQUE  
 ( brown)  

I'm going to put it on my lower lashes. 
lashes makes huge difference as well
i'm taking a brown color for more softer look 

I'm going to be taking EASY TOUCHE by TOMMY MOLLY 

And i'm going to draw a line on my lower lid. 
i am drawing a curve to create " Aegyo sal "
Tips: you can also blend with  another brush so
the line is not too harsh. 

I'm going to be taking 
TWINKLE START by Edgefit in NO.1

i'm going to highlight my under eye 
to create a puffy eye effect.    

So this is how it looks like,
It's a quick and easy way you can 
totally change your appearence! 
i like to finish of my lips with tinted lips
on my inner part of my lips to finish off my look
for more of a cute and sweet look
and it matches with this eye makeup look. 

You can also watch the tutorial on YouTube<3

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