Facial Mask For Wrinkle

The Secret Fresh Face Mask- Emma

RM 6.90

- Helps to reduce Saggy skin
- Helps with fine lines and winkle around eyes and mouth area.       
- Improve skin elasticity
- Keeps skin feeling moisturized

The Secret Fresh Face Mask - Emma, Contains Ginko Blioba Leaf  Extract 
that helps to increase skin moisture and it also  has anti-oxidant to reduce winkles and fine lines around eyes and mouth. 

Hi everybody! Today i want to share a mask with you that helps to reduce winkles and fine lines! 
There are a lot of reasons that cause winkles! 
For example , (Sun damage, smoking, dehydration, Facial expression etc. ) 

This facial mask Contains Contains Ginko Blioba Leaf  Extract that helps to increase skin moisture it helps to put back moisture that your skin needs and improve skin elasticity and it also helps to reduce fine lines around your smile line as well as wrinkle around your eyes! :) 

Above are before and after picture after, My Skin looks more plumped after using the mask! before my skin was sinking in around my smile line area, as well it helps me to moisturized my skin! My skin has been pretty dry lately so it helps me to apply my foundation pretty smooth later on the next day and there is no crack when i'm wearing my foundation!

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