So recently i went to Merchant's Lane! How i found out this place is one of my friend took me here few months back!
When i went here for the first time, i was walking around this old heritage building ,
and there is a really eye catching Tiffany Blue Door, that says " Merchant's Lane 美真林 " 

Interior Design

 Behind the Tiffany Blue Door is a stairs and when you look up there is a roof top window! 
The interior has a nature vibe to it with a old school design!  

You're suppose to place your order at the counter :) And also the waitress and everybody was really friendly and kind over there and welcome you with a warm smile! 
the moment i went in i felt comfortable! 

I took this photo at the cafe belcony! It's really beautiful outside but the weather that day was crazy hot! 
so we decided to sit inside instead :p

Actually there is a belcony in the cafe and you walk across the belcony to the other side, there is a place to sit and it is also air condition room! haha that is a must have for me lol


The menu has some quite unique and interesting name to the dish it made me more curious to try all of them haha :p  

*WARNING * ( Picture may cause hunger ) 

South China Sea - RM 25  
I ordered South china sea! It was fried onion? poached egg, salmond, mango, pineapple, paprican, and when you mix them all together it is just mouth watering good! 
It has a uniqe taste to it!  
the mango and the pinapple gave a little hints of sweetness and it goes so well with the salmon and fry onions! I will say this dish is a must try!   

Rose Honey Milk ( Hot ) RM 12   

The tempreture of the milk was served at just the right tempreture as well the aroma of the rose was not over powering! 
The aroma of the rose and the milk actually made me feel relax haha it was like a aromatherapy :p


Today i'm wearing lip tint from benefit! I am in love with this lip tint!

i love how i can apply it on my cheeks as well on my lips! the color gave me a rosy cheek look! as well the color is not too strong so i can achieve a natural sweet look! 


 I first apply a layer of  BOBBI BROWN in the color of 1 salmon it's kind of like a nude color, it helps me to cover the redness of my lips, and i use it as a base to create a ombre effect.

After that i top it off with rose lip tint by benefit to create softer and natural look! :)   

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