Etude House Look at my eyes Review

Hi everyone! So i ask one of my friend that went to Korea to
 Purchase few Makeup Products from Korea. 
And one of the product i asked her to Purchase was
Look at my eyes by Etude House. 
It's it more to shimmery finish eyes shadow and 
I only purchase the color that is popular! 


The eye shadows has a metallic shimmer 
to it! And the color pay off is highly pigmented. 
But i realize that the eyes shadow
is a little powdery that if i apply with a brush.
i think if you use your fingers to apply it is
a lot faster and the color is more pigmented.  
I chose the color that is bright, usually 
i always go for neutral colors, but i taught
i will like to try something different and 
something to brighten up my look :)
I will say it's a bit of a challenge for me to 
play around with a bright and shimmery 
color but the colors i bought
are pretty easy to mix and match 
and also bought some few 
neutral color as well to 
balance out :) 

I wore the makeup from around 2 pm
till 10 pm, and also i went to the gym 
wearing makeup :p Yes i always
wear full face of makeup to gym :p
#Noshame and i sweat quite a lot
since i am trying to lose weight and 
i deep some cardio workout 
and ran for about 4km.
Yet the shadow didn't melt off and 
i was actually really impressed
how long lasting it is, and 
the color did not fade off.  

=Tutorial = 

 1. All over my eyelid (PK007 )

2.Mid-half eyelid  (OR210)  

3. Mid half - Eyelid &  lower lid (OR205)   

4. Outer - Corner Of the Lid
& Lower Lash line ( BR 402 ) 
After i Applied Gel liner By Mac to Finish off the look! :) 

 = Finish Look  =

I really love how the colors are not too over
powering and yet pretty pigmented, 
and long lasting and the eyes shadow
has a silky texture to it, i think this 
look will be better if you wear blue contact 
lances! :p I am actually wearing contact lances
from freshkon and they help my 
eyes to appear larger.

How to get rid of dark circle

The Secret Crystal - Eye Mask  

RM 12.90 
 5g (1pc)   

-Gives moisture and nutrition around the eye area 
-Keeps elasticity  -Contains collagen and Hyaluronic acid. 
Naisture The Secret Crystal Eye Mask are made out Gel patches that keeps the elasticity of the skin around the eyes. 

Hi everybody! 
I will like to share with you guys today about 
Naisture The Secret Crystal Eye Mask! 
The Secret Crystal eye mask 
are different from other eye patch,
 It is Gel type patch that helps to 
keep elasticity of the skin around your eyes and
you can also put it in the fridge for cooling 
and soothing effect and helps with puffy- looking
 under eye area! And dark circle! 

The gel eye patch are made out of
 two-layer gel patch! 
The top layer are made out of 
highly-concentrated essence gel and the bottom 
layer are made out of polymer gel.

I am in love with the gel patch! 
I have put the gel patch inside the fridge 
and it has a soothing effect! It helps me reduce my dark 
circle as well as my puffy under eye! 
My job requires to look at the computer for long 
hours so my eyes are looking tired  at the end of the day! 
The Secret Crystal eye mask is a must have for me! :3 

         - HOW TO USE - 

1. Wash your face with water and a mild cleanser.

2.  Tear open the pouch at the top, take out the 
tray and remove the film.
The gel patch that is attached to the film
is the side that you want to attach
on your under eye area.

3. Gently press the side that contacts the film into the 
Skin around the eyes. Make sure you press the side 
and upper side that contact the the film into the skin
below the eyes. 

4. Leave it on for about 20 minutes, and then remove the sheets

Korean Style Natural Sexy wave hair Tutorial ( Yeoshin Muri)

Hi  everybody! Today i will like to show you guys how to create " Yeoshin Muri"  
 Yeoshin Muri = Goddess Hair
And most of the Korean Celebrity dose
 this hair style as well! I think this hair style
 looks effortless and sexy 
and it's really easy and quick to do! :)

So starting off i heated my curling iron to
190 degree  

I'm taking about one inch section of my hair 

I'm curling my hair mostly focusing on the ends
of my hair to create more of a natural look

I'm taking another section of my hair,
i am curling my hair from the front and then going
around till the back of my head.

*Tips: I'm putting the hair that is no curled behind
the ones that is curled i am putting it on the front
so i won't get mixed up with the hair
that has not been curled.  

Tips: When you curl your hair outward it 
gives more like a sexy look.   
And for today's look i'm going to curl it
outward :)

Tips: when you curl it it inward it frames your face
as well it makes your face appear more smaller
so it gives more like a cuter and sweet look. 

I'm going to curl all of my hair focusing more on the bottom 

After you done curling your hair, apply any oil,
serum etc on your hair so your curls can
last longer without going frizzy 
throughout the day.  

If you think your top part of your hair looks
a little flat you can curl few parts of you hair from
the top part, grabbing random section.

Or you can also back comb your hair 
to create more Volume :)

Or you can also flip your hair, it is the most fastest way
you can create more volume and also loosen up
your curls and give more of a effortless and natural
waves to your hair!

So this is how my hair looks like when i'm done!

 You can also watch the tutorial on YouTube <3

Korean puffy eye makeup Tutorial (Aegyo Sal)

Hi Everybody! Today i will like to show you 
guys How to Create Korean 
Makeup Trend called " Aegyo Sal". 
Aegyo Sal means " Cute Skin " In Korean.
By creating a puffy eye it gives you a appearance
 of a smiling eyes and well it makes you look more cuter! 
And it also makes your eyes appear more larger! 
This is one of my go to everyday makeup look 
and it's super easy to do as well it makes a
huge difference on my eyes! 

So starting off i already have my contract lances on, 
By having contact lances on it makes my eyes appear more larger. 

I'm going to be using Long Wear Cream 
shadow by BOBBI BROWN   

And i'm going to be putting this all over my 
eyelid as well as my under eyes it helps me to hide
 any dark circles as well as any discoloration on my eyes. 
it also help my eye shadow  to last longer 

I'm taking " Deep Love" By Edgefit 

I'm going to put this all over my eyelid 
focusing more on the outer corner of my eyes. 

I'm taking a smaller brush and i'm going to
 liner under my eyes, the reason why i chose the
 color brown for this look is because i want
 this look more softer rather then 
a sexy look.

I'm taking " Daiso eyelash glue ( clear ) 

When i apply it on my hands it's white but 

When it drys it's clear, so it's great for applying 
eyelashes because you won't be able to
 see any white glue sticking on your eyes. 

I'm going to to attach the eyelashes on. 
I am using eyelashes from Daiso I actually
 layer 2 eye lashes together o give
more volume and still looks natural.

this is how it looks like after i attached 
the eyelashes on. For me eyelashes a must 
have on my daily makeup look.
I have a hooded eyes so it helps to push up my heavy lid. 
and makes a huge difference on my eye makeup. 

I'm going to be taking 
Lash power  mascara my CLINIQUE  
 ( brown)  

I'm going to put it on my lower lashes. 
lashes makes huge difference as well
i'm taking a brown color for more softer look 

I'm going to be taking EASY TOUCHE by TOMMY MOLLY 

And i'm going to draw a line on my lower lid. 
i am drawing a curve to create " Aegyo sal "
Tips: you can also blend with  another brush so
the line is not too harsh. 

I'm going to be taking 
TWINKLE START by Edgefit in NO.1

i'm going to highlight my under eye 
to create a puffy eye effect.    

So this is how it looks like,
It's a quick and easy way you can 
totally change your appearence! 
i like to finish of my lips with tinted lips
on my inner part of my lips to finish off my look
for more of a cute and sweet look
and it matches with this eye makeup look. 

You can also watch the tutorial on YouTube<3

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Review

You might already heard of Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Palette by Too Faced. 
I heard a lot of great reviews from other Beauty Gurus on YouTube from while back ago. 
I finally got my hands to it recently, to be honest it's a little pricey from what other makeup i usually get. 
but after trying and testing it i can see why so many people have been hype about this amazing palette!  

So recently i went to SEPHORA just to window Shop, 
usually i testing every products there as possible and 
touching up my makeup with the tester and walk 
away awkwardly out of the shop
 because i feel bad i didn't buy anything :p #gulity 

This is kind of random but, my previous job is a beauty advisor, 
Properly i will hate my own self for doing that :p
I had some few customer in the pass that dose that and
that was one of my pet peeves. 

Too Face Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Palette RM 199.00

While i was window Shopping i saw Chocolate Bar eye shadow and decided to purchase it :)  
When i first open the palette and can get a huge whiff of chocolate! It's smells so yummy,  
it really smells like a actual Chocolate!  

There is a reason why it smells so amazing!  There's chocolate in the shadows.
 And there is a lot of amazing skin care  benefits with cocoa powder.  
Too Faced Co-Founder
 and Creative Director Jerrod Blandino 
was inspired to add cocoa powder to makeup 
while having a chocolate facial
 and learning about the benefits of
 cocoa at a Hawaiian spa!!  


While i do quite a lot of neutral palettes,
 this palette is one of my favorites compare to other 
palettes that i own for it's versatility. 
And there is a lot of option of shadows to pick! 
Yet all of the colors goes well together and you
can create many different look. 

1. Gilded Ganache
2. Salted Caramel 
3. Hazelnut
4. White Chocolate
5. Marzipan
6. Creme Brule
7. Semi-Sweet
8. Haute Chocolate
9. Milk Chocolate

10. Strawberry Bon Bon
11. Cherry Cordial
12Black Forest Truffle
13Candied Violet
14. Champagne Truffle
15. Triple Fudge

These shadow are super pigmented so 
it is really easy to apply and they aren't too
 powdery and they blend really great as well 
without fading, creasing other issues.