Tips for dying your hair at home & Liese hair dye ( Milk Tea brown )

Hi everybody! So i got bored of my hair and decided to dye my hair at home. 
I bought my liese hair dye in the color of ( Milk Tea brown ) and i bought it for about RM 30.
Now dying your hair at home can be a little difficult if you are dying your hair by yourself,  
liese hair dye is different from other hair dye and it foams up like a shampoo so it gets all of your hair dyed evenly :)

Now my hair is super black so it takes me about second or third time to achieve this color. 
You should always see the color chart before you start dying your hair, make sure is the color you want.

Like the color guide mention what my hair color will look like after i dye my hair!

( Tips ) Before you start dying your hair, it's important to wash your hair before 24 hours to 48 hours before dying your hair! 
Doing this allows the natural oil in your hair to develop and the hair dye will blend more naturally with your hair and it will last longer!

Before applying the hair dye i always brush my hair out and make sure there is no knots in my hair, 
and i am adding solution 1 into the solution 2 and turn it upside down to mix it ( following the instruction )  

I also apply vaseline on my forehead and neck and my ears so it will be easier to clean up the mess later on after applying my hair dye. 

I squeeze out the foam on to my hands and applying starting from the ends of my hair 
( The reason why i start applying on the ends of my hair first is because last time i dyed my hair from my roots my roots became more lighter color then the ends of my hair ) 
and then gradually applying on my roots and massage it into my whole hair! 

Ones i'm done and there is still some foam left in the bottle i will apply on my whole hair 
and cover the side of my temples and around the back of my head, getting all of the hair dye into my hair. 

This process took me around 30 minutes, compare to other hair dye it's easier 
to get all of the hair dye on my hair and also it made less mess and dose not drip. 

So i leave it onto my hair for about 20~30 minutes and i rise it off and apply the conditioner that came with the box!  

and this is my before and after picture!  

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