Short Trip to Kota Kinabalu part 3

Hi everybody! This is my part 3 blog  to my short trip to KK :) I look a little darker is because of yesterday! i gotten very red from the sunburn! Thank goodness i had applied lots of sunblock cream and my skin is not peeling!
So today i took the boat and went to Manukan Island :) The boat transport fee to the island is 1 person ( RM 23 )

I took this picture at Manukan Island! The water are so clear and beautiful :) It looks like one of dose Desktop wallpaper in reality :p

The Bridge are where the boat pick up and drop off area :)

You can rent the life jacket and the goggles as a set for RM 15 and dive into the water and see the fishes! :) We actually bought some bread to feed the fishes  :) 

There are more fishes under the bridge :)

The water are super salty and it hurts when the salt gets into my eyes haha :P 

These are the view from the bride! The weather was pretty good that day :)

Picture with my partner's family <3

Not only i had a great time at the island but i also had a great time on the way to the island and the going back as well! The boat ride is about 20 minutes to the island :) You can also do other activities like water parachuting :)

 I had great memories at manukan island! Great place to get away from the busy city of KL and enjoy the nature! Thank you for reading my blog and see ya on my next blog post <3

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