Short Trip to Kota Kinabalu Part 2

Hi everybody! This is my Part 2 blog of my KK trip, I woke up 7 am in the morning and look out the window and i can see the mountain pretty clear! In the evening time the mountain is covered with clouds and i didn't got to see the mountain yesterday. Usually you need to wake up pretty early in the morning to see the mountain, maybe before around 11 am. And you will be able to get pretty good pictures :)

As i mention on my Part 1 blog, there is a outdoor kitchen at where i stay, and we prepare for our breakfast :)

 After breakfast we went to  Ranau Fish Spa Village :)

There is a lot of fish in the river! When i enter the place they gave us food to need the fish, it felt a little ticklish when the fishes goes near my lags lol and sometimes they also bite my lag :p We only can be there for 15 minutes but it was a lot of fun! :)

Outside there is a shops and they sells drinks and food and toys! :)

And we also went to a hot spa and there is swimming pool as well :) The entry fee is RM 3 for local Malaysian and for foreigner ( Adult is RM 15 )

There is also another entry for the pool the entry fee for the pool and water slide are RM 3 as well,

The hot spring has a hot water and cold water option and you can adjust the temperature of the water to your liking :) and there is also a foot spa! :) It great for if your lags are feeling sore and tired :) 

Thank you for reading my blog! :) stay tune for my part 3 blog of my KK trip! <3

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