Short trip to Kota Kinabalu Part 1

Hi everybody! :) How is everybody doing? So i went to a trip to Kota Kinabalu. I woke up 5 AM in the morning, i was actually feeling pretty sick that day :/  that's why i'm wearing a thick jacket lol

This is the view from the airplane when we was about the land to KK :) I couldn't take much picture on the first day when i landed i was feeling really sick :/
So the next day i felt better and i went to Bundutuhan, Kundasang, it's kind of like Cameron Highland, the weather is a bit cold and they have bunch of greens!

I took this photo just right behind Bundu Tuhan Retreat Center, Catholic Church, and i also stay there for a night for RM 50.

 there is a place you can BBQ as well and there is a outdoor kitchen and a fridge! .

I took this picture just behind the church where i stay for the night, and the view is just breath taking!

This is how the room looks like :)

I also walk all the way to Bundu Tuhan Home stay :)

They had crocodile, duck, pig, Chicken over there, And the crocodile is super huge!!! o_o 

The view is amazing here as well, the air is super fresh :)

I walk back to the church and i felt super tired :/  In the day time, the weather is no too hot and not too cold but as the sun goes down it gets pretty cold over here :/ it's better to bring some jacket and long pants during the night.

these are some of the pictures that i took over there

I also ate tuaran mee sabah's most famous noodle dish :)  
The Tuaran mee is unlike wantan noodles, tuaran mee is made out of egg and it is only made out of egg yolk only and the noodle are super springy 

Thank you for reading my blog and stay tune for more of my short trip blog tomorrow! :)

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