Short Trip to Kota Kinabalu Extra

Hi everybody! I will like to talk about my short trip to KK!
So this is just an extra because i took lots of picture and didn't got to post it all and it will be too much for one blog! And i will be telling some stories as well with the picture :3

 I was feeling pretty sick on my first day to KK and it slowly gotten worst at the last day at KK, i had a slight fever, sore throat, running nose, cough but nothing will stop me from exploring KK :3

OH! it's pretty random but, i actually have a funny story to tell :p
so in KK you need to pay RM 0.30 for entering the toilet, and i went to the toilet and went out and a women was wearing a fast food restaurants uniform and holding the restaurant tissue.
In KK they don't provide tissue inside the toilet, you need to grab some from the counter, so after i done going to the bathroom i put my hand out and waiting for the women to give me the tissue she was holding, i taught she worked here to pass tissue to people lol after i realize she with her uniform and i felt really stupid lol i taught it was a good idea at the time to leave my hand out and just walk away lol haha so i looked really stupid :p her reaction was hilarious thou :p haha sometimes you have to just laugh at your self :p

So i went to the fish spa at KK and it was pretty interesting experience, the fish are actually biting my lag sometimes it hurts but other then that it was hard to stand for long in the water because it tickled lol it was pretty funny because after awhile i got use to the fish biting me and i go further in the water, i threw some fish food over people who are scared of getting in the water so the fishes will go over their lags haha i am such a bully :p

The 3rd day i think? We went all the way up to the mountain and it was pretty cold! and we stay there for a night and the next day we drove about 30 minutes from down to the mountain where is hot over there, and we went to swim! The great thing about swimming with lots of group of people you can have more fun! We actually carry each other on our shoulder and did kind of like a war game and push each other and see who falls down losses! I actually also carried my boyfriend on my shoulders as well lol

I got my early Valentines Day gift from my partner! It was my first time receiving roses :) It makes me bring back memories of my primary time in japan, where japan culture, women makes Valentines day chocolate for man, and me and my friend will make Valentines day chocolate! We melt the chocolate bar and put it in a tray of shapes and put it in the fridge and add some toppings! :) And i will get super nervous giving the chocolate to my crush. I was one of dose awkward kid that is a tom boy and no guys likes me :p lol AHHH time has changed lol

When i was staying over at the church, i get scared pretty easy...i was scared to shower over there and there is no hot water and i showered at night :p lol i can't close my eyes more then 3 seconds when i was taking a shower haha :p lol And i was talking to my partner sister and behind me there was a closet and as i was talking the closet opened by it self all of the sudden and i didn't saw that because the closet was behind me, and my partner sister jaw just dropped and her eyes got really big looking really shocked lol After that i turn the lights on the whole night and went to
but actually i slept really well because i was tired lol haha silly me :p

Thank you for reading my blog <3 and see ya on my next blog post <3 :)

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