Korean style Eyebrow Tutorial

Hi everybody! Today i'm going to show you how to do Korean eyebrows! I love love love Korean eyebrow because it makes me look youthful and innocent, it also makes my eyes appear more larger.
Even if you don't wear any makeup on, eyebrow makes a hugeee difference in your look and helps to frame your face :0

First i'm going to shave my eyebrow with a eyebrow razor. The reason why i am using a eyebrow razor instead of eyebrow tweezer is because the razor help me to shave in a straight line and it's easier to create the korean eyebrow since korean eyebrow are straight.  And it is also you don't have to go true the painful tweezer!! :/

I am shaving the top arche of my eyebrow to create a straight line.

I'm pulling up my my skin so i won't cut my eyelid and i'm shaving in a straight line on the bottom of my eyebrows

Next  i'm drawing a straight line starting from the inner corner of my eyes to the outer corner of my eyes

I'm also going to line the upper eyebrow half way line like this

Ones you done lining it's easier to see your eyebrow shape and you just fill your eyebrows half way starting from the outer side of your eyebrows. I'm using a powder type so it gives more natural look.

And as you can see the bottom picture i'm filling my eyebrows half way true.

Ones you done filling in your eyebrows, take a brush and blend your eyebrows from half way true to the inner corner of your eyebrows to give more of a softer look.

And this is how it looks like ones it's done! :3

Thank you for reading my blog and i hope this was helpful! And catch ya later on my next blog <3

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