How i did my Nails for only under RM 50!

Hi everybody! I will like to show you guys today on how i did my nails for only under RM 50! :)You don't have to be  spending hundreds of ringgit to have gorgeous nails! Plus if you have manly short finger nails like i do, or have a habit of biting your nails, you tried growing your nails put but they always chip off? This are some simple and affordable ways you can achieve long beautiful nails!

What i use 

-I'm using a nail chip from Daiso, they are pretty flexible compare to the clear nail chip from daiso.
-The white ones are easier to cut and shape them with the nail filer -RM 5
-I also bought the top coat from Daiso for glossy, gel nail like finish -RM 5
-For nail polish i'm using Play by Etude house in the color #26 and it's like nude pink that i love! It is buy two for RM 16
-I'm also using super glue, i know i know, i'm sure you are thinking " Super Glue?! "  at daiso they are selling nail glue that is the same function as super glue but is RM 5 but i only bought this glue for RM 2 and you can buy the remover from daiso for RM 5 as well and it comes off easy, all you have to do is apply the removal liquid on your nails and wait till it's soaked and it comes off super easy!

-I also use a nail file and also nail cutter.

The nail glue removal comes in this glue bottle with a stick. 

I am picking the right nail chip that fit my nails for both of my hands. And yes i have manly fingers :p You don't have to worry about finding the right size for your nails because they have it in many different size for each and every finger to fit your nails! :) 

i'm applying the glue just half of the nail chip * make sure you don't apply too much or else ones you 
applied the nail chip on your nails, the glue might spill out from the side of your nails. 

This is how it looks like ones you applied it on your nails, ones the glue has dry you can cut and shape them how ever you like. 

 I shaped m nails round at the ends :) Because i think it suits my chubby fingers :p lol 

I'm using this nude pink color from Etude house in the color #26 

i'm going to paint all of my finer nails, i used two coats for each finger.

Ones my nails is dry i am applying Gel top coat on my nails for a glossy finish!

This is optional but i like to apply a moisturizer on my hands and arm after i done doing my nails! i'm using Skin factory 7 Seconds speed white cream. this Moisturizer i'm using has a whitening effect! And the result is super fast and it also has a anti wrinkle as well :3 It doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky or oily!

This is the before and after, You can see that my right side of my hands are darker and my left side of my hands looks more youthful and whiter! BTW it only took me few seconds to get this result :p You can purchase the whitening cream from vitacare pharmacy.


This is how my nails looks after i'm done! 

Thank you for watching my blog! <3

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