Chinese New Year Shopping!

Hi everybody! Chinese Year is just around the corner. I went to do some Chinese New Year Shopping yesterday at One Utama shopping mall. The mall was pretty crowded. All of them are properly also doing some Chinese near year shopping.  It was pretty hard to find for the parking and almost impossible to go to the bathroom because of the long queue but it is all worth it because most of the shops are having Chinese Year Year discount and they had some pretty good deals! :) I also went to YUBISO that was newly open in One Utama, and bought some Makeup and Beauty Products that was affordable!!

Shopping for some New Clothes 

I went to Bershka and all of their clothes  from their shop are super cute and i saw this turtle neck shirt and i thought it looks super chic and it goes pretty much with anything on the bottom.

I think it will also match with a  black skirt that is high waisted or just a skinny jeans. I purchase them for RM 60

I went to the fitting room to try some jeans. This jeans is actually called " Push up Jeans " and It helps to lift up your butt :p I thought  that was pretty interesting

I also went to H&M and Forever 21 to do some shopping, I will be traveling to Kota Kinabalu after Chinese New Year so i wanted to get something comfortable to wear.
I bought two shirts from H&M and they had some pretty good deals over there, and the shirt comes in a 2 set for about RM 50 H&M they had a long queue for the fitting room. But in H&M in One Utama has quite a lot of fitting rooms inside so i didn't have to want for too long.

I bought the Shorts from Forever 21 for about RM 60, it looks like a denim shorts but it is actually cotton and it's super comfortable!


So the first thing that caught my eyes when entering  YUBISO was the cosmetic section. The cosmetic section was located at the front of the shop. The packaging of the products and the design of the product attracted me to pay interest. The quality of the product that i'm getting and the really affordable price has shocked me. YUBISO Beauty and Cosmetic price range was about below RM 2O O_O!! 
YUBISO - Cosmetic

YUBISO- Minghan Gold Foil 24K  Powerful Antioxidants ( NO. 05 )

I am obsessed with their packaging! Love the gold <3 It is kind of like a lip tint / clear Lip Balm, it is pretty moisturizing and it glides on my lips pretty smooth. It smells like candy and the scent is not too over powering, and it last pretty long!  It is perfect for pale and dry looking lips and guess how much it is?!....It is only RM 15. o_o 

YUBISO - VOODOO CITY Moisturizing Lip Stick ( NO.3)

I love the Matte black packaging! The lip stick has a matte finish to it, and the lipstick color are quite vivid. I properly won't apply it on my whole lips because the color will be too sticking for me and instead i do a Korean Gradient Lips, i also use it as blusher on my apple of my cheeks as a blusher and it  looks really natural,but that is just my personal preference :) The price of this Lipstick are RM 15.

The product packaging it's a little unique, You're suppose to push the bottom part and the lip stick and it comes out from the cap. So your cap won't come off and goes missing :p Took me few seconds for me to figure how to open this lipstick it is pretty hilarious :p My reaction when i finally figure how to open was "OHHHHH!! o_o "


This concealer has a bit of a shimmer and i think it is great for high-lighting your cheeks bones and nose bridge as well as concealing any dark circle on under eyes or redness. 
The texture are quite thick and creamy and hides my dark under eye pretty well. 
I bought them for RM 15 :) The product it is also quite small and compact  i love to bring along  with me *Please ignore my ashy looking hands :P lol It is sort of a dewy finish because it has a bit of a shimmer.

The box packaging are super cute,  I think the design of the box are so me :) I like how they kept it simple yet girly design. The design of the box from the outside are matte black and the inside it's kinda like a pastel pink <3 Haha kinda goes well with my nail color as well! :) 

YUBISO - Skin care  

I bought a whole set of Aloe Vera skin care at YUBISO,  Most of you might know, Aloe Vera gel that is quite popular right now, and i found Aloe Vera ( Toner, Emulsion, Moisturizer, Moisturizing Water ). Each of them are RM 10 so i decided to get them all. The total price is RM 40.
All of the product smalls super good too :) 

YUBISO - Refresh & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% ( Aloe Vera Moisturizing Cream ) 

The product packaging is made out of  glass and not a plastic container, so it felt like it's a expensive product and the texture of the cream is fast absorption it is quite thick so you don't need to apply too much. It is super moisturizing, i think it is great for dry skin. great for using as a night cream as well. I also like to use it on my hands or arms.

YUBISO - Refresh & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Refreshing & Moisturizing toner with Aloe 

This range of beauty product is super fast effect and i'm really impressed with the quality of the product with the amount of money that i have paid. Who said cheap stuff are not good?! I think we should not look down on the product just because of the price and judged the quality. 
Toner can help with balancing your Ph level of your skin so your skin will be less greasy or dry.

YUBISO - Refreshing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Refreshing & Moisturizing Emulsion with Aloe.

This Emulsion are great for Day time use, It is a light texture and it moisturize my skin pretty well. It didn't leave my skin feeling greasy or oily, you can also use the toner and emulsion before your day to day skin care before applying your makeup! I think it is very important to have a good base for your makeup, because foundation doesn't covers up dry skin and it shows true :/

YUBISO - Aloe Vera Moisturizing water Aloe

At first i was a little confused with the difference between Aloe Vera Toner and Aloe Vera Moisturizing water, after i have tired the texture and i notice the difference.
The Aloe Vera Moisturizing water texture feels more thicker and it feels a bit silky. Feels fresh after applying it on my skin and it moisturized my face and made my skin feeling super soft! :) and they smells really good too!


I bought a nail polish from Etude house and they were having Buy 1 Free 1 for the nail polishes and there is a lot of nail polishes there so it was kind of hard for me to pick what color i want, but a Beauty Advisor help me to pick the light pink color to do some mix a match colors. It is also pretty in right now to do mix and match nails! I am super in love with the nude pink nail polish <3  I bought two for only RM 16

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