Chinese New Year Inspired Makeup

Hi everybody! I will like to show you guys how i did my Chinese New Year inspired Makeup.
I will be posting more Chinese New Year related Blog so Stay tune! :)
I used mostly coral color for this makeup and i taught if some of you may wear " Cheongsam " ( Chinese Traditional Dress ) it will also suit this makeup look.


For my eye makeup i'm using coral eye shadow and it has a bit of a shimmer to it.
and i'm going to put it all over my eyelids.

I'm using a coffee brown on he outer corner of my eyes, this create depth to my eyes, and i am applying on my lower lash line, i like to line it quite thick, i realize if i line my lower lashes thicker it makes my eyes appear larger.

I also used falls lashes that i bought from Daiso, i feel like daiso have the most natural looking eyelashes and it is super comfortable, I have sort of a hooded eyelid so using a falls lashes really helps to up my lid and it makes my eyes appear larger and it makes a huge Difference in my eye makeup.  For me falls lashes is a must have in my everyday makeup. If you have mono lid you can also have a huge difference in your eye makeup by using a falls lashes, or eyeliner can make your eyes appear larger as well for Mono lids.

I am using eyeliner to make a little bit of a wing at the ends,


For lipstick i am also using a coral color, and i think the color of the lipstick compliments the eye makeup.

B.B Cream 

I'm using Luna B.B cream for my face and Luna Moisturizing Mist for a dewy Natural look :)


I'm using a blush from benefit on the apple of my cheeks, i'm going to use the lighter color to compliment my eye makeup and lips.

I usually only wear neutral color for makeup but i taught i will change up a little for the Chinese New Year!And i hope you guys will also try this look for Chinese New Year with your Cheongsam <3
Thank you for reading my blog! And catch ya later on my next blog byeee <3 :)

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