Vergine Cafe @AMAN PURI

 I went to a new cafe around Aman Puri Area called    " Vergin Cafe "  I love how they have decorated the place already for Chinese New Year! And i love their choices of music haha :p I love some old school Micheal Jackson songs and Jackson 5! Cafe with a good music is always a plus for me! You should check on Youtube " Rock with you " By Micheal Jackson :) <3 I love that song And his outfit on the video are on point <3 He is my idol, not only because of his amazing dance move and voice and his charm but his kindness and how humble he is and he is somebody i look up to.

I set right by the window, with the massive chair with the wooden floor.  The chair was really big lol I actually wish I had one in my house :p It's super comfy I can fall asleep on it! Right after I took this picture, there was a mother and her 5 or 6 years old daughter was sitting in front of us, Her mom bought her a box of macaroons and the smile on her face was heart warming :3  The macaroon was actually having 50 percent discount at that time so I decided to get one box of macaroon. They came in this really cute box and the macaroon was like a mini ones and it's super cute! After discount was around RM 10.50!

I ordered English Breakfast, Macaroon, and a Chocolate cake with a side of vanilla ice cream.
The name of the cake was called " DEVIL CHOCOLATE " it kind of reminded me of molten chocolate lava cake because of the combination of the chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. I'm not a big fan of chocolate cake sometimes because it is too sweet, but the chocolate was not too sweet and the side of vanilla ice cream balance the sweetness, the combination was perfect!

I usually order hot mocha coffee but today i taught i will like to try something different and ordered English breakfast Tea! :)

Their menu was really easy to read, and they have different categories, Quick bites, I want more, Hot coffee, Ice Coffee, Tea, Non-Coffee, Tropical drinks, Vergine Frosty option and for a first time in this cafe by looking a the menu i knew what i want right away.

  * Just scrolling true insta <3 I usually check the latest fashion or makeup, quotes and funny memes,

Anyway thank you for reading my blog :) Check out the cafe if you are interested! They also give free water, free stuff are always a plus :p If it's free i'll take everything :p jokes.
See you on my next blog! <3 Byeee

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