Root Beer and Onion Rings!

Hi everybody!:) So i went to A&W today, and i haven't went to A&W for ages! The special thing about this restaurants is that, it has been around for about 51 years now! According to A&w website, A&W franchise was brought into Malaysia in 1963 by Mrs and Mr  Lie Boff from USA.
Their first outlet in Malaysia is at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman making it the first fast food outlet in Malaysia ! And their first drive-in restaurant was open in 1965 in Petaling Jaya, it where i went today! :)

Picture below are took in 1965

  I ordered Root beer, Onion rings, Curly fries, French fries, Fried Chicken, Nugget, Saturday is my cheat meal day and no diet :p I felt like i was in heaven haha :p The stuff over there are nice and friendly, right after i took this picture the lady notice me taking picture of her and she gave me a smile haha flet a little bit awkward :3 #Lifeofablogger

How can you go to A&W and not order Root beer? :3  

I actually hate onion but hey..i love anything fried :p Fried food are the best <3


It was super hot todayyyyyy as usual weather in Malaysia, Root beer was a great idea, It was super refreshing :3 Sometimes spoiling yourself every ones in awhile is not a bad thing :p  

Before i end this Blog, i have a big respect for A&W in Petaling Jaya for employing elder person to work for them, I saw a uncle working at a parking lot for A&W his legs has a bit of a problem, every ones in awhile he has to sit down, it is very hot this month, and have to be working outside for hours.
Me and my boyfriend Decided to give him some red packet to show him some love <3
Right after we gave him the red packet we drove away and uncle gave us a Big smile on his face, and stood up and wave at us right after he saw inside the red packet...
Seeing his smile has made my day! <3

Anyway! Thank you for reading my Blog! And if you visit A&W @PJ make sure to say " HI " to uncle <3 and show some love <3

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