Korean Ombre Lips


Korean Ombre Lips are my go to looks this days! :) It's really simple and easy to create small pouty ombre lips. Redder pinkish on the center of the lips makes more kissable
appeal :3 soo i want to show you guys how i created my ombre lips! <3

How to create Ombre lips

I use the skin factory touchfit liptatoo, i first wipe my lips dry with a tissue, and i use a foundation to cover up my actual lip color so we can create the ombre effect. I use a Q tip and apply on my inner corner of my lips, ( make sure you apply generous amount ) and i let it dry, and pill off the lip tattoo,

It is a matte finish which is what i love, i think personally i prefer the matte finish type.
If you are not a big fan of the matte finish look, you can  apply clear lip gloss after applying the ombre effect you have created before.
I saw a lot of Korean Celebrity that rocks the ombre look!

I am using skin factory Touchfit liptatoo in the color of Jewelry Pink, it is super long lasting :)
I think long lasting lip tattoo makes your life easier, you don't have to keep re-applying your   lipsthick      and actually you are eating your own lipsthick and i don't think that is healthy at all :/ your lipsthick won't come off when you eat and drink :)

     They actually have 4 different shades!

     Skin Factory Touchfit Liptatoo  No.3 Vita Fruits Peach
     Skin Factory Touchfit Liptatoo No.1 Red & Sexy Pink
     Skin Factory Touchfit liptatoo   No.3 Jewelry Pink
     Skin Factory Touchfit Liptatoo No.4 Cherry Scarlet

    It takes about 10~15 minutes to dry and then pill off.
    I am actually in love with the red & sexy pink!
    Its is kind of a like Cherry Stain Color, 
    Other colors are more natural look, you can apply 
    lip balm or lip gloss depending on what type of look are you going for :) 

  You can Purchase them from Wellness in publika! :) Stay tune for our Lazada Website as well! You   will be able to Purchase them online! I hope you will try out the ombre lip look!
  it is very simple and easy to do!

Chao xoxo <3

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