My first ever Blog Post!


My First ever blog post

Hey guys! :) Soo this is my first ever blog post! i will like to
introduce myself before i start writing.
My name is Kumi, i am actually half Japanese/Chinese.
I speak Japanese and English and i can't speak Chinese :/
So living in Malaysia some people will say i am a Banana haha. I use to work at a Korean Beauty Store as a Beauty Advisor, now i am working at Stayoung and i post about my lifestyle and i will post some beauty related things! Which i am passionate about the most :) I hope to give lots of helpful tips and i will post about fashion as well! i love going to the gym too, i hope to inspire people and motivate people as well! :) So i will be posting more in the future so make sure you hit the follow button to see more of my blog post!

So to begin with, i want to talk about what i did on my last Sunday! I went to the BEAM Cafe Located in Bandar Sri Damansara.
They have a industrial Style Design with also a mix of Modern style to the cafe, it is a great place to relax and drink a cup of Coffee.
I went to the coffee shop with my boyfriend and her sister! My boyfriend ordered a cake, Called " When Coffee meets Tea " It was a Tea  flavored chiffon cake, with the side of  toffee dip with the cake.
It has a aroma to the cake, Green Tea? / Jasmine Tea kind of in between, it is a unique match with the Coffee dip, and the Chiffon cake was fluffy and soft! The aroma of the cake was quite light, it was not too over powering that it covers the sent of the coffee, i will say this cake it is a must try!
I aslo got to take some Pictures while i was over there, it's a perfect place
to take some good pictures over there as well. I actually taught it was a perfect idea to take some pictures with  few Mask  from Stayoung.
And the packaging has Panda, Tiger, Cat, Dog and each and every Animal mask they have different benefits for your skin! I've took some pictures with the animal mask when i was over at BEAM Cafe! :)

Stayoung The Amazing Animal Mask

I'm holding Stayoung The Amazing Animal Mask- Dog witch is for Super Soothing & Nourishing and it says on the packaging it has Tea Tree EXT and well as Green Tea EXT.
My friend is Holding The Amazing Animal Mask- Cat, it is for Pore tightening & Wrinkle care, and it has Snail Secretion Filtrate & Adenosine! :)

They also have Animal Mask- Tiger for Ultra Moisturizing and soothing, i have actually try the mask and it has a soothing effect and cooling feeling and i think it is great for Hot weather! I think it will have more of a soothing effect if you put your mask in the fridge :)
And they also have Panda mask witch is for Whitening and Moisturizing, and it also have Aloe vera extract and i think aloe vera has quite a lot of beauty benefit for skin!

     The animal mask are also free of Paraben, Phenoxythanol,PPG,PEG,/Dimethicone, Mineral oil, Colorant Triethanolamine as well :) If you are interested in any of the mask, you can purchase them from AEON Wellnesss/ Vitacare Pharmacy! And they are RM 12.90 per pieces :)

And that's pretty much what i did on my Sunday! :) I hope some of you will visit the Cafe and try some of the coffee as well as the cake, and take a bunch of pictures over there!
Thank you for reading my Blog! Stay tune for my next Blog, Catch ya later :p *wave hand

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