My Every Natural Makeup Routine

Hi everybody! I will like to show you how i did my everyday natural makeup look! I usually do my natural makeup when i go to work, gym , going to shopping. You can also wear this makeup to school :)
*Before i start my makeup, i already have my eyelashes on and i bought my falls flashes from Daiso, and Daiso lashes are the best <3


Eyebrows are really important in natural makeup, eyebrows can frame your face and it makes a huge difference in your look. I am just applying some concealer under my eyebrows and then fill in my eyebrows with a eyebrow pencil, after i done filling in my brows, i take the ends of the eyebrow pencil and then brush any harsh lines and clean around the edges of my eyebrow with the concealer brush.  I am doing more like a western style eyebrow because i think it suits me better and frame my face better :) So i created a little bit of an arch.

* ( Tips )  Before i fill in my eyebrows i draw a line on the bottom and the top of my brows to create a shape as a guide line for me to fill my my brows. As you can see from my eyebrows on the left are hard to see my eyebrow shape, it is easier to draw a line first and then fill in so you won't mess up your eyebrows :p


So  i have fill in both of my eyebrows already :p 


For foundation i'm using a BB cream, BB cream has more of a flawless finish and a natural glow look effect but still have a good amount of coverage, so i'm going to apply that all over my face.
*Please ignore my lion hair :P i just woke up * "i WOKE UP LIKE THIS " - By Beyonce "


I highlight and conceal any dark under eye or redness and make my skin look more glowing,  I'm using a concealer that is slightly pinkish so it can help me to cover up any dark gray ish color.  Say bye bye to Panda eyes o_o

I'm  just going to draw a upside down triangle on my forehead and under my eyes, and draw a line on on my  nose bridge, and the side of my lips :) and we are done! :D jokes


For blush i'm using a color that is a little bit red-ish more then light pink to create a healthy rosy cheeks look.  And i am applying to the apples of my cheeks to give me more of a youthful look. I am smiling really creepy but if i smile it's easier to know where is the apple of my cheeks.
i am applying the blush only at the lower part of the apple of my cheeks.



I am going to line my eyes with a eyebrow pencil, Yes i'm using my eyebrows pencil on my eyes :p I am using the dark brown color for lining my eyes for more natural look then, using black liner that looks a little bit harsh. 

and i'm going to highlight the center of my eyes to make my eyes look more larger and more awake

For my lips i'm using innisfree lip gloss in the shade of NO.2 it's a bit of a nude pink ish color that i am in love with! i bought it few days ago from pavillion for about RM 30 and it has a slight floral scent to it, it makes my lips look more healthy and adds a little bit of color to my lips.
Naturally my lips are pretty red it self already so i usually always get the nude color to get rid of the redness. The lip gloss makes my lips feeling moisturized so i think for somebody who has dry lips this lip gloss is a must have! sometimes i just apply clear lip balm for my everyday natural makeup look.

So this is how i look after! This makeup takes me about 10 minutes so it is really quick and easy to do! Perfect for if you are on a rush! And it looks like you put in a lot of effort! 

Thank you for reading my blog and hope you will try out the natural makeup look! :) Byeeee <3

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