January Favorites 2016

Hi everybody! i Will like to share with you some of my January Favorites! Most the things are skin care products because this month has been very very hot and humid soo my skin are super dry! Chinese new year is coming soon so i did a little bit of shopping and bought some new products and got to try some few new things :) That are also in my this month favorites <3

The SAEM Jeju Fresh Aloe Soothng Gel

Talking about HOT WEATHER! This is a life saver! ( that rhymes :p ) YES!!! This stuff are freaking the best product ever! It is a Aloe Gel and it's 95% Aloe, it helps my skin feeling moisturized with out feeling oily or greasy! Actually after applying my skin feel super fresh and cooling it is great for after sun bun as well! I only have to apply very little amount on my face. You can also apply generous amount on your face and it becomes a facial mask! I usually leave it on for 5~10 minutes and wipe away the gel and then pet my skin, your skin will be fresher then ever and moisturized :p I actually got this from my boyfriend, he bought whole lot of beauty things back from when he was over Korea, I'm not quite sure if you can buy this is Malaysia the brand call The Saem but i know that Nature Republic sell Aloe Gel as well.

LUNA Wonder Essential B.B FOUNDE, GLAMOROUS ENDING vita water fixer

Properly some of you guys has already saw me post this product on my previous post " Asian makeup vs Western makeup " blog. I  bought this product quite recently from Watson Pharmacy, they have a small section of shelf of LUNA products, what caught my eyes on this products was the packaging!
It is Simple yet Chic design is what i have fell in love in the first sight! I am also super into BB cream this days because my skin has been pretty dry as i have mentioned earlier, i love how the Luna BB cream texture are very light but yet has right amount of coverage and flawless and dewy finish that makes my skin looking like i drink 8 glasses of water a day! :p lol  I decided to bought it with the set of Luna BB cream with Vita Water Fixer, and the vita water fixer is a moisturizing mist after applying your BB cream! and it also helps my BB cream last longer. it smells amazing as well!
The water vita smells  like " lime " ok..i'm not good at describing scent :p My BB cream shades in the number 21 and they 2 shades, in 22 and 21 :) and i think it was RM 105 for the set at Watson!


Nivea has been around for many many years! That explains why this product are amazing and

high quality! I love how the product is SLIM! and it fits into my bag and it doesn't takes up a lot of space in my bag! Its like the i phone 6S of NIVEA, everything is slim this days. You know me, i love simple and chic :) Love the design and i love how the texture of the cream is thick, you need very little amount to moisturize your skin. I wear shorts often so i need this everywhere i go if  i feel like my arms or legs been looking ashy.

STAYOUNG The Amazing Animal Mask - Panda & Bath & Body works Candle
perfume ( Island Mangonita )

The reason why i put this together is because, this is my pampering time set! haha we all need to
pamper our self every ones in awhile! Not only to take care of our skin but to relax and de stress!
What i will do is i put the mask in the fridge to have more of a soothing effect :P i always put most of my skin care products in the fridge haha lol if you find that odd or a new thing for you to try :p haha
after shower i will leave the mask on my face and listen to some music and light up the candle! and turn off the lights! Super romantic right? :p The mask has Whitening effect as well as it helps to moisturize my skin! You can get them from AEON Wellnes and it's RM 12.90 per pieces!
They also have Tiger mask, Cat mask, Dog mask and each every one of them has different benefit for your skin :) The candle are great for Pampering time! the scent are fresh and  soothing it smells so yummy <3 it always helps me to de stress! its amazing how scent can  help you to de stress!
i am in love with the candle :P actually i got the candle from my sister! Thanks sis <3

Follow me Shampoo

UGHHHH if you only knewwww how amazing this shampoo smells! I have found my true love!
I bought it only for RM 13.50 for this HUGE Bottle! each and every drop are precious! I don't care if you  say if i am over exaggerating, i cant explain about this shampoo without sounding like i am over exaggerating :p The shampoo lathers up so much! It's a rich and silky texture. After shampooing my hair my hair feels super clean yet  it dose not make my hair feel dry! It makes me stubborn dry hair super soft and manageable. I bought this very recently and my first time i have purchase this shampoo, but it has been around for quite sometimes, as i remember when i was in primary and i went to my friends house for a sleep over and she was also using follow me shampoo, and i am 19 now BTW :P i think it was about 8 years ago? The bottle never change since back then!
The shampoo has a floral scent, i like how the scent of the shampoo is not over powering like some shampoo.

Dose are my some of my January Favorites! Chinese new year is coming soon so i will be shopping like mad for new products next month so stay tune for my next month Favorites Blog as well! <3
Thank you for  reading my blog! Stay Beautiful everybody BYEEE LOVES <3 XOX

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