How to make your face appear more slimmer!

Magic of Contouring 

Hey guys! I want to show you the magic of Contouring :) If you are concern about your face looking bloated, or in pictures you feel like your face appear felt or you want to appear higher nose and more higher cheeks bones contouring can transform your look!

 " What i use to Contour my face "  

I am using Powder pop by benefit but you can also use any darker color powder or darker color foundation to contour your face. I am using more coco brown color to contour my face.  
and as you can see i use the blush everyday soo there is a hole there but please ignore that :p

Contouring " Nose" 

Contouring your nose can make your nose appear more slimmer and higher! I am using a brush to apply the power on my nose, i am staring to draw a line starting from my inner corner of my eyebrow and inner corner of my eyes and ones i draw the line, slowly blend with the brush to get rid of the harsh line. 

Contouring " Cheeks "

Contouring your cheeks gives you more higher cheeks bones and slim down bloated face. I am using a slightly angle cheeks brush to contour my face, i feel like angle brush are easier to contour your cheeks. i have use brushes that is blunt on the end it it made my face look like i rub a mud on my face it makes my face look dirty haha :p  Soo starting from the temples of my forehead to my cheeks creating a "  C " shape.  

Contouring " Jaw line " 

Contouring your Jawline makes your face appear more slimmer and get rind of looking like 
jabba the hutt when you take pictures or taking selfie and the white light washing your face out. 
No offence to jabba the hutt <3 xox :B but jabba the hutt needs major contouring :p 
I am using the same brush for my cheeks, apply the powder starting below your ear lobe following the line of your Jawline to your chin. i also like to blend a little bit to my neck to have more slimmer appearance, creating a shadow. 

Contouring " Chin " 

Contouring your chin gives you look like you have more pouty looking lips! and it also gives your lips look more larger! I am using the same brush for contouring my nose, creating a upside down " U " shape on chin Below your lips and blend blend bled! Contouring is also all about Blending as well. 
You don't want any harsh line on your face :p


"  Before and after Picture  "

I hope you find this tutorial Blog helpful! :) And thank you for reading my Blog! Make sure you follow me on STAYOUNG Facebook, Youtube, Blog to keep me updated!  BYEEEE LOVES <3

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