Asian MakeUp vs Western Makeup

Western Makeup  

The Western style makeup focus on more sexy look.


 they usually go for more matte finish look for the skin and I'm using Maybelline, Dream 
liquid mousse, airbrush finish ( Natural ivory) and i have pretty oily skin so when I am doing the western makeup I will finish off with a powder for more matte finish skin. 


For western makeup eyebrows are everything!they  arch their eyebrow to give more of a sexy look  
I use a eyebrow pencil that is slightly angled at the ends so it is easier to draw the arch, and ones I 
created the arch and fill in my brows I will apply a concealer to clean up all the edges. 


Western makeup focus more on high defined cheek bones and contouring gives more of a sun kissed look. It also helps to make you look more slimmer as well, Contouring is actually my favorite part about the western style makeup, it really does makeup a difference in your 


For the wester makeup look I am using more of a rosy color and I am applying it on starting from cheek bones to achieve higher cheeks bones look.


What is trending right now in western makeup is " Big Lips "
Kylie Jenner are also famous for over liner her lips to create bigger looking lips! 
I slightly outline my lips that is slightly and I apply nude lipstick to fill in my lips. Sometimes I use my lip liner as a lipstick and fill in my lips for a matte finish. 

Asian Makeup 


Asian look focus more on healthy looking skin, and more to dewy finish. 
When i'm doing Asian style makeup i will use BB cream or CC cream. 
They also have SPF in it as well! I will be using Luna i actually bought it quite recently i have bought Luna BB Foundation that comes with a set of Vita water fixer, its like a moisturizing spray after applying BB cream for more healthy and dewy look! :) 


Asian makeup focus more on doll like look, Big eyes are everything!
I am also using a contact lances from freshkon to make my eyes look bigger,
it can really make a huge difference. 
I am using a eye liner and line my eyes on the bottom and the top, i slightly over draw under my eyes to make my eyes look larger and i also apply white shadow in the center of my eyes. 


Asian makeup style is all about straight eyebrows! :) Straighter eyebrow makes you look more youthful and innocent looking. Sometimes i love to switch up my looks every ones in awhile with Western style makeup a well! it all depends on my mood. 
I will start from creating a straight line on the bottom of my brows and fill in my brows.
then i use a concealer to clean the edges! :) 


I am using more lighter color pink for my cheeks, and i only apply it on the apple of my cheeks, just below my eyes to create sweet and innocent look, 


For lips i'm just going to use like a tint balm for more natural finish :) 
it's slightly red and it moisturize your lips as well! over all i think
Asian makeup look focus more to natural look!

What style do you like to go for? i love doing both look! :)
Anyways thank you for reading my blog! 
byeeee <333

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