50 Random Facts About me!

Hi everyone! I  saw YouTube video from other YouTuber making 50 Random Facts about me so i decided it will be a fun idea to write 50 random facts about me :) So here is some of 50 facts about me  you didn't know <3  *warning * it's going to be super long...

1. I am a Virgo / Libra rising

2. Yes like the No.1 i am interested in reading astrology

3. I hate wearing skirts and dresses it makes me feel really awkward and uncomfortable :/
i have been like this even as a child till now. My first day of primary school my mom bought me a dress but i told my mom i want to wear a pants and a shirt for my first day of school.

4.I was kinda like a tom boy growing up, i join the volleyball team, i love playing soccer, i love running i use to wear my brothers clothes haha good old days :p i  am still a huge tomboy inside but i just wear makeup and love doing my hair haha :p Nothing wrong with that right? " be yourself " xoxo

5. My dream is actually to be a model when i was like hmmm...11? I watched America Next Top Model, and Mrs kimora lee simmons was my idol and i watched her reality show over and over again. I wore a heels and practice how to walk like model, and pose like a model :p haha.

6. I went for my first casting when i was 14

7. As No.6 I was in KFC Commercial :) It's actually just one year ago but it feel like it was yesterday :p I had a blessed being in the commercial it was more then a dream come true to me. And i had a geisha girl transformation!

8. I am actually a really shy person :/ and i hate public speaking.

9. The reason why i got into makeup is because, i use to read cleo magazine when i was 12, i will read about beauty and fashion, and i get dose free sample from the magazine and try some beauty products and  I will play with my mom's makeup. And one day my dad went to japan and bought a whole set of makeup from Daiso and i started to play around with my makeup everyday.

10. since when i was 12 till today i practice and play with my makeup everyday :p

11. I live in japan as a child for about 7 years

12. Taiwan is my Favorite place to travel! everybody was so kind and friendly, i love the food over there! It reminded me of Japan, They have really good manners as well. When i was over there, i feel like i didn't want to leave! I have fell in love with Taiwan <3 I had such a great time over there, Taiwan people are awesome!

Please ignore my face lol i was fat back then :p

13. My dad is Japanese but i dislike talking to him in Japanese because it makes me feel very awkward :/ because i speak to him in English. But my dad dislike it when i speak English to him because he want's me to learn more  Japanese because i have started to forgotten some words :/

14.i have been going to gym about almost 5 months now 4 times a week and it has been life changing!

15. I have a habit to make weird faces when i feel awkward... ( sometimes i can't help it )

16. i have another habit when i eat good food i shake my body to the left and right haha :p
it's quite embarrassing sometimes when i'm eating at a restaurants because i don't realize it when i do it till somebody is laughing at me haha.

17. I love to draw!

18. I love to sing! Growing up in japan, my parents will go to karaoke every week so i know  a lot of whitney houston and mariah carey and celin dion songs! and my mom and dad have amazing voice <3

19.I am scared of Zombies...i know that sounds very childish but, i dream about Zombies often and in my dream it feel so real and running away from them in my dreams and waking up in the middle of the nights sweating...ughhhh i hate zombies :/

20. I can't drink a cup of water if i leave it there for more then 5 minutes...the taught about having dust in there makes me feel very uncomfortable to drink it again :/

21. My mom is Hakka so i know a little bit of Hakka

22. I can't go to sleep without playing Youtube video or any video in the backround.

23. I have a older brother, he is in a band, he is also a guitar teacher, and he was in Hit's . FM. i am one proud little sister because he is doing what he love and going after his dreams.

24. People say i have the same smile like my mom
25. Sometimes when i am in the lift with some stranger, i don't know why but i feel like laughing really hard because it is so quiet and awkward...is that weird? :p

26. I can actually Beat box :p

27. I love  Jim Carrey movies! growing up i use to watch Jim carrey movies  with my family,
he is so funny, maybe that's why growing up till now i am a little bit of a weirdo haha :p
i think i got them from watching too much jimmy carrey :p

28. I am into house music, electro house, trap music, anything that has good beats and bass i love <3 I love loud bass because it really makes me push harder when i'm at the gym,

29. I dis like watching horror movie...but i still watch them because i'm stupid and i won't be able to go to the bathroom by myself  later on:p

30. I love street food more then restaurants

31. I can actually ride a one wheel bike

32. I didn't sleep on my own till i was 14 because i am a huge baby and i was scared to sleep by myself in the dark alone * thinking about it now i feel really silly

33. I wear mostly Black and white

34. I am a Coffee addict!

35. I can't resist when i see people who is in need, in any type of situation.

35. I love nature <3 Sunset, greens, flowers, river the wind...It all reminds me of my child hood.

36. My dream place to travel is Greece, i think it is such a beautiful place that i will like to visit

37. I can't leave my house without any makeup on. 

38. I usually shop at H&M, TOPSHOP, Pull & Bear, Forever 21. 

39. I am a rice person! Yes call me ASIAN but i love rice :p 

40. I naturally have stubborn fizzy hair 

41. I am actually pretty sensitive person :/  

   42. I love the feeling when after i done taking my shower and lay on my bed 

43. I am a very talkative person

44. There is one time like maybe 2 years ago? Every time i look at the clock and it's 11:11 and i'm not even thinking about it...and that continue for 1 month or so and it was kinda creepy

45. I have weird obsession about buying soaps lol One of my favorite soap is " KAO White soap" Their soap are high quality stuff :p and it lathers up a lot! smells super good too :) 

46. I love road trips! 

47. Disney land is my favorite place <3 

48. I love to watch Taiwan drama! 

49. I love to cycle! I love any out door sports! 

50. My first word was " moshi moshi " it means " hello " in Japanese.

Soo that is some of my 50 Random facts about me! Thank you for reading my blog! And i hope you got to know me a little better :p See you on my next blog, Bye lovessss<3 

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