Root Beer and Onion Rings!

Hi everybody!:) So i went to A&W today, and i haven't went to A&W for ages! The special thing about this restaurants is that, it has been around for about 51 years now! According to A&w website, A&W franchise was brought into Malaysia in 1963 by Mrs and Mr  Lie Boff from USA.
Their first outlet in Malaysia is at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman making it the first fast food outlet in Malaysia ! And their first drive-in restaurant was open in 1965 in Petaling Jaya, it where i went today! :)

Picture below are took in 1965

  I ordered Root beer, Onion rings, Curly fries, French fries, Fried Chicken, Nugget, Saturday is my cheat meal day and no diet :p I felt like i was in heaven haha :p The stuff over there are nice and friendly, right after i took this picture the lady notice me taking picture of her and she gave me a smile haha flet a little bit awkward :3 #Lifeofablogger

How can you go to A&W and not order Root beer? :3  

I actually hate onion but hey..i love anything fried :p Fried food are the best <3


It was super hot todayyyyyy as usual weather in Malaysia, Root beer was a great idea, It was super refreshing :3 Sometimes spoiling yourself every ones in awhile is not a bad thing :p  

Before i end this Blog, i have a big respect for A&W in Petaling Jaya for employing elder person to work for them, I saw a uncle working at a parking lot for A&W his legs has a bit of a problem, every ones in awhile he has to sit down, it is very hot this month, and have to be working outside for hours.
Me and my boyfriend Decided to give him some red packet to show him some love <3
Right after we gave him the red packet we drove away and uncle gave us a Big smile on his face, and stood up and wave at us right after he saw inside the red packet...
Seeing his smile has made my day! <3

Anyway! Thank you for reading my Blog! And if you visit A&W @PJ make sure to say " HI " to uncle <3 and show some love <3

My Every Natural Makeup Routine

Hi everybody! I will like to show you how i did my everyday natural makeup look! I usually do my natural makeup when i go to work, gym , going to shopping. You can also wear this makeup to school :)
*Before i start my makeup, i already have my eyelashes on and i bought my falls flashes from Daiso, and Daiso lashes are the best <3


Eyebrows are really important in natural makeup, eyebrows can frame your face and it makes a huge difference in your look. I am just applying some concealer under my eyebrows and then fill in my eyebrows with a eyebrow pencil, after i done filling in my brows, i take the ends of the eyebrow pencil and then brush any harsh lines and clean around the edges of my eyebrow with the concealer brush.  I am doing more like a western style eyebrow because i think it suits me better and frame my face better :) So i created a little bit of an arch.

* ( Tips )  Before i fill in my eyebrows i draw a line on the bottom and the top of my brows to create a shape as a guide line for me to fill my my brows. As you can see from my eyebrows on the left are hard to see my eyebrow shape, it is easier to draw a line first and then fill in so you won't mess up your eyebrows :p


So  i have fill in both of my eyebrows already :p 


For foundation i'm using a BB cream, BB cream has more of a flawless finish and a natural glow look effect but still have a good amount of coverage, so i'm going to apply that all over my face.
*Please ignore my lion hair :P i just woke up * "i WOKE UP LIKE THIS " - By Beyonce "


I highlight and conceal any dark under eye or redness and make my skin look more glowing,  I'm using a concealer that is slightly pinkish so it can help me to cover up any dark gray ish color.  Say bye bye to Panda eyes o_o

I'm  just going to draw a upside down triangle on my forehead and under my eyes, and draw a line on on my  nose bridge, and the side of my lips :) and we are done! :D jokes


For blush i'm using a color that is a little bit red-ish more then light pink to create a healthy rosy cheeks look.  And i am applying to the apples of my cheeks to give me more of a youthful look. I am smiling really creepy but if i smile it's easier to know where is the apple of my cheeks.
i am applying the blush only at the lower part of the apple of my cheeks.



I am going to line my eyes with a eyebrow pencil, Yes i'm using my eyebrows pencil on my eyes :p I am using the dark brown color for lining my eyes for more natural look then, using black liner that looks a little bit harsh. 

and i'm going to highlight the center of my eyes to make my eyes look more larger and more awake

For my lips i'm using innisfree lip gloss in the shade of NO.2 it's a bit of a nude pink ish color that i am in love with! i bought it few days ago from pavillion for about RM 30 and it has a slight floral scent to it, it makes my lips look more healthy and adds a little bit of color to my lips.
Naturally my lips are pretty red it self already so i usually always get the nude color to get rid of the redness. The lip gloss makes my lips feeling moisturized so i think for somebody who has dry lips this lip gloss is a must have! sometimes i just apply clear lip balm for my everyday natural makeup look.

So this is how i look after! This makeup takes me about 10 minutes so it is really quick and easy to do! Perfect for if you are on a rush! And it looks like you put in a lot of effort! 

Thank you for reading my blog and hope you will try out the natural makeup look! :) Byeeee <3

Vergine Cafe @AMAN PURI

 I went to a new cafe around Aman Puri Area called    " Vergin Cafe "  I love how they have decorated the place already for Chinese New Year! And i love their choices of music haha :p I love some old school Micheal Jackson songs and Jackson 5! Cafe with a good music is always a plus for me! You should check on Youtube " Rock with you " By Micheal Jackson :) <3 I love that song And his outfit on the video are on point <3 He is my idol, not only because of his amazing dance move and voice and his charm but his kindness and how humble he is and he is somebody i look up to.

I set right by the window, with the massive chair with the wooden floor.  The chair was really big lol I actually wish I had one in my house :p It's super comfy I can fall asleep on it! Right after I took this picture, there was a mother and her 5 or 6 years old daughter was sitting in front of us, Her mom bought her a box of macaroons and the smile on her face was heart warming :3  The macaroon was actually having 50 percent discount at that time so I decided to get one box of macaroon. They came in this really cute box and the macaroon was like a mini ones and it's super cute! After discount was around RM 10.50!

I ordered English Breakfast, Macaroon, and a Chocolate cake with a side of vanilla ice cream.
The name of the cake was called " DEVIL CHOCOLATE " it kind of reminded me of molten chocolate lava cake because of the combination of the chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. I'm not a big fan of chocolate cake sometimes because it is too sweet, but the chocolate was not too sweet and the side of vanilla ice cream balance the sweetness, the combination was perfect!

I usually order hot mocha coffee but today i taught i will like to try something different and ordered English breakfast Tea! :)

Their menu was really easy to read, and they have different categories, Quick bites, I want more, Hot coffee, Ice Coffee, Tea, Non-Coffee, Tropical drinks, Vergine Frosty option and for a first time in this cafe by looking a the menu i knew what i want right away.

  * Just scrolling true insta <3 I usually check the latest fashion or makeup, quotes and funny memes,

Anyway thank you for reading my blog :) Check out the cafe if you are interested! They also give free water, free stuff are always a plus :p If it's free i'll take everything :p jokes.
See you on my next blog! <3 Byeee

50 Random Facts About me!

Hi everyone! I  saw YouTube video from other YouTuber making 50 Random Facts about me so i decided it will be a fun idea to write 50 random facts about me :) So here is some of 50 facts about me  you didn't know <3  *warning * it's going to be super long...

1. I am a Virgo / Libra rising

2. Yes like the No.1 i am interested in reading astrology

3. I hate wearing skirts and dresses it makes me feel really awkward and uncomfortable :/
i have been like this even as a child till now. My first day of primary school my mom bought me a dress but i told my mom i want to wear a pants and a shirt for my first day of school.

4.I was kinda like a tom boy growing up, i join the volleyball team, i love playing soccer, i love running i use to wear my brothers clothes haha good old days :p i  am still a huge tomboy inside but i just wear makeup and love doing my hair haha :p Nothing wrong with that right? " be yourself " xoxo

5. My dream is actually to be a model when i was like hmmm...11? I watched America Next Top Model, and Mrs kimora lee simmons was my idol and i watched her reality show over and over again. I wore a heels and practice how to walk like model, and pose like a model :p haha.

6. I went for my first casting when i was 14

7. As No.6 I was in KFC Commercial :) It's actually just one year ago but it feel like it was yesterday :p I had a blessed being in the commercial it was more then a dream come true to me. And i had a geisha girl transformation!

8. I am actually a really shy person :/ and i hate public speaking.

9. The reason why i got into makeup is because, i use to read cleo magazine when i was 12, i will read about beauty and fashion, and i get dose free sample from the magazine and try some beauty products and  I will play with my mom's makeup. And one day my dad went to japan and bought a whole set of makeup from Daiso and i started to play around with my makeup everyday.

10. since when i was 12 till today i practice and play with my makeup everyday :p

11. I live in japan as a child for about 7 years

12. Taiwan is my Favorite place to travel! everybody was so kind and friendly, i love the food over there! It reminded me of Japan, They have really good manners as well. When i was over there, i feel like i didn't want to leave! I have fell in love with Taiwan <3 I had such a great time over there, Taiwan people are awesome!

Please ignore my face lol i was fat back then :p

13. My dad is Japanese but i dislike talking to him in Japanese because it makes me feel very awkward :/ because i speak to him in English. But my dad dislike it when i speak English to him because he want's me to learn more  Japanese because i have started to forgotten some words :/

14.i have been going to gym about almost 5 months now 4 times a week and it has been life changing!

15. I have a habit to make weird faces when i feel awkward... ( sometimes i can't help it )

16. i have another habit when i eat good food i shake my body to the left and right haha :p
it's quite embarrassing sometimes when i'm eating at a restaurants because i don't realize it when i do it till somebody is laughing at me haha.

17. I love to draw!

18. I love to sing! Growing up in japan, my parents will go to karaoke every week so i know  a lot of whitney houston and mariah carey and celin dion songs! and my mom and dad have amazing voice <3

19.I am scared of Zombies...i know that sounds very childish but, i dream about Zombies often and in my dream it feel so real and running away from them in my dreams and waking up in the middle of the nights sweating...ughhhh i hate zombies :/

20. I can't drink a cup of water if i leave it there for more then 5 minutes...the taught about having dust in there makes me feel very uncomfortable to drink it again :/

21. My mom is Hakka so i know a little bit of Hakka

22. I can't go to sleep without playing Youtube video or any video in the backround.

23. I have a older brother, he is in a band, he is also a guitar teacher, and he was in Hit's . FM. i am one proud little sister because he is doing what he love and going after his dreams.

24. People say i have the same smile like my mom
25. Sometimes when i am in the lift with some stranger, i don't know why but i feel like laughing really hard because it is so quiet and that weird? :p

26. I can actually Beat box :p

27. I love  Jim Carrey movies! growing up i use to watch Jim carrey movies  with my family,
he is so funny, maybe that's why growing up till now i am a little bit of a weirdo haha :p
i think i got them from watching too much jimmy carrey :p

28. I am into house music, electro house, trap music, anything that has good beats and bass i love <3 I love loud bass because it really makes me push harder when i'm at the gym,

29. I dis like watching horror movie...but i still watch them because i'm stupid and i won't be able to go to the bathroom by myself  later on:p

30. I love street food more then restaurants

31. I can actually ride a one wheel bike

32. I didn't sleep on my own till i was 14 because i am a huge baby and i was scared to sleep by myself in the dark alone * thinking about it now i feel really silly

33. I wear mostly Black and white

34. I am a Coffee addict!

35. I can't resist when i see people who is in need, in any type of situation.

35. I love nature <3 Sunset, greens, flowers, river the wind...It all reminds me of my child hood.

36. My dream place to travel is Greece, i think it is such a beautiful place that i will like to visit

37. I can't leave my house without any makeup on. 

38. I usually shop at H&M, TOPSHOP, Pull & Bear, Forever 21. 

39. I am a rice person! Yes call me ASIAN but i love rice :p 

40. I naturally have stubborn fizzy hair 

41. I am actually pretty sensitive person :/  

   42. I love the feeling when after i done taking my shower and lay on my bed 

43. I am a very talkative person

44. There is one time like maybe 2 years ago? Every time i look at the clock and it's 11:11 and i'm not even thinking about it...and that continue for 1 month or so and it was kinda creepy

45. I have weird obsession about buying soaps lol One of my favorite soap is " KAO White soap" Their soap are high quality stuff :p and it lathers up a lot! smells super good too :) 

46. I love road trips! 

47. Disney land is my favorite place <3 

48. I love to watch Taiwan drama! 

49. I love to cycle! I love any out door sports! 

50. My first word was " moshi moshi " it means " hello " in Japanese.

Soo that is some of my 50 Random facts about me! Thank you for reading my blog! And i hope you got to know me a little better :p See you on my next blog, Bye lovessss<3 

January Favorites 2016

Hi everybody! i Will like to share with you some of my January Favorites! Most the things are skin care products because this month has been very very hot and humid soo my skin are super dry! Chinese new year is coming soon so i did a little bit of shopping and bought some new products and got to try some few new things :) That are also in my this month favorites <3

The SAEM Jeju Fresh Aloe Soothng Gel

Talking about HOT WEATHER! This is a life saver! ( that rhymes :p ) YES!!! This stuff are freaking the best product ever! It is a Aloe Gel and it's 95% Aloe, it helps my skin feeling moisturized with out feeling oily or greasy! Actually after applying my skin feel super fresh and cooling it is great for after sun bun as well! I only have to apply very little amount on my face. You can also apply generous amount on your face and it becomes a facial mask! I usually leave it on for 5~10 minutes and wipe away the gel and then pet my skin, your skin will be fresher then ever and moisturized :p I actually got this from my boyfriend, he bought whole lot of beauty things back from when he was over Korea, I'm not quite sure if you can buy this is Malaysia the brand call The Saem but i know that Nature Republic sell Aloe Gel as well.

LUNA Wonder Essential B.B FOUNDE, GLAMOROUS ENDING vita water fixer

Properly some of you guys has already saw me post this product on my previous post " Asian makeup vs Western makeup " blog. I  bought this product quite recently from Watson Pharmacy, they have a small section of shelf of LUNA products, what caught my eyes on this products was the packaging!
It is Simple yet Chic design is what i have fell in love in the first sight! I am also super into BB cream this days because my skin has been pretty dry as i have mentioned earlier, i love how the Luna BB cream texture are very light but yet has right amount of coverage and flawless and dewy finish that makes my skin looking like i drink 8 glasses of water a day! :p lol  I decided to bought it with the set of Luna BB cream with Vita Water Fixer, and the vita water fixer is a moisturizing mist after applying your BB cream! and it also helps my BB cream last longer. it smells amazing as well!
The water vita smells  like " lime " ok..i'm not good at describing scent :p My BB cream shades in the number 21 and they 2 shades, in 22 and 21 :) and i think it was RM 105 for the set at Watson!


Nivea has been around for many many years! That explains why this product are amazing and

high quality! I love how the product is SLIM! and it fits into my bag and it doesn't takes up a lot of space in my bag! Its like the i phone 6S of NIVEA, everything is slim this days. You know me, i love simple and chic :) Love the design and i love how the texture of the cream is thick, you need very little amount to moisturize your skin. I wear shorts often so i need this everywhere i go if  i feel like my arms or legs been looking ashy.

STAYOUNG The Amazing Animal Mask - Panda & Bath & Body works Candle
perfume ( Island Mangonita )

The reason why i put this together is because, this is my pampering time set! haha we all need to
pamper our self every ones in awhile! Not only to take care of our skin but to relax and de stress!
What i will do is i put the mask in the fridge to have more of a soothing effect :P i always put most of my skin care products in the fridge haha lol if you find that odd or a new thing for you to try :p haha
after shower i will leave the mask on my face and listen to some music and light up the candle! and turn off the lights! Super romantic right? :p The mask has Whitening effect as well as it helps to moisturize my skin! You can get them from AEON Wellnes and it's RM 12.90 per pieces!
They also have Tiger mask, Cat mask, Dog mask and each every one of them has different benefit for your skin :) The candle are great for Pampering time! the scent are fresh and  soothing it smells so yummy <3 it always helps me to de stress! its amazing how scent can  help you to de stress!
i am in love with the candle :P actually i got the candle from my sister! Thanks sis <3

Follow me Shampoo

UGHHHH if you only knewwww how amazing this shampoo smells! I have found my true love!
I bought it only for RM 13.50 for this HUGE Bottle! each and every drop are precious! I don't care if you  say if i am over exaggerating, i cant explain about this shampoo without sounding like i am over exaggerating :p The shampoo lathers up so much! It's a rich and silky texture. After shampooing my hair my hair feels super clean yet  it dose not make my hair feel dry! It makes me stubborn dry hair super soft and manageable. I bought this very recently and my first time i have purchase this shampoo, but it has been around for quite sometimes, as i remember when i was in primary and i went to my friends house for a sleep over and she was also using follow me shampoo, and i am 19 now BTW :P i think it was about 8 years ago? The bottle never change since back then!
The shampoo has a floral scent, i like how the scent of the shampoo is not over powering like some shampoo.

Dose are my some of my January Favorites! Chinese new year is coming soon so i will be shopping like mad for new products next month so stay tune for my next month Favorites Blog as well! <3
Thank you for  reading my blog! Stay Beautiful everybody BYEEE LOVES <3 XOX