Places to go in Malaysia: Desa Park City

Hi everybody! I will like to show you guys my favorite place to
go! Desa Park. It is great place to just chill :)  
It is also great place for a casual Date <3 Family day! 
Or walk your Dog :) Or walk at a park, 
Or jogging! There are some few great restaurants, 
as well as coffee shops!  

If you are like me who loves out door, love nature,
 Desa park is the perfect place for you! 
It is even more beautiful when it's at night! 
You can hear music coming from Social restaurant 
from the park. It is super romantic to just walk
 around or sit at the dark <3 You can also visit Social restaurant, 
and have a drink and listen to some live band <3 
Great Place to refreshyour mind as well as stress :3  

I will say i visit here every week end to do my work :p
 This Coffee shop faces in front of the beautiful view
 of the park sothis cafe is my go to cafe :p 

I ordered a cup of Moca Ice for RM 14, and
 every time i visit here i always order Moca ice :p  
They also have cakes and chocolates if you are craving 
for some sweets <3  

There are also some little shops
You can have a look at! I'm not quite sure but, 
Almost every few weeks, they are selling different things,
sometimes accessories, house whole things,
Bags, clothes. Example for today, they are selling,
Pillow cases and carpets, 

The design of the cases actually caught my eyes,
i taught it is super adorable! They are many 
different design you have chose from! 

I actually purchase a carpet, it's super soft
and comfy, the lady working there told me,
it is also washable, you can just put it in a 
net and throw it in the washing machine! 
I purchase it for RM 69.
The Lovely lady was working there told 
me she will be  there till next Sunday! <3

If you are a Animal Lover like me  you can visit
Pet's More! I don't own any pets but, I like to just
visit to see the little cutie pies at the pet shop! <3

I just can't <3 How cute is this little cutie pie! <3

 looking at this little cutie pie will just melt your heart,
I have the urge to just get a dog when i'm at the shop :p

This little cutie pie had her tongue sticking out,
and her head against the glass window :p 


So to end this blog i will like to show you guys, 
my makeup of the day! Today i did my 
everyday makeup look! I purchase few products as well
to add into my daily makeup routine <3  I  also
taught i am visiting desa park so it's perfect for 
a natural makeup look.

So this are some of the recent products i have purchase!


I bought this amazing lip balm stick i am so over the moon about it! 
I am into the Kylie Jenner matte lipstick look
but other products it's a little pricey for me so
i bought a drug store product that is from Wellness!
It's the silky girl Moisture Boost Lip color Balm. No.1 Latte
I purchase it around RM 20 it is a matte finish but,
is helps to moisturize your lips! I also
use this as a cream blush! 


I bought this product from Korea!
My friend went to Korea and help me to 
purchase this product! 
i love the shimmery finish on my cheeks! <3
In day time you will be able to see the 
little shimmer and it gives you sort of a glow <3


02 Nude Beige

Talking about outdoor! Powder is a must have for me!
my face is oily so, i bring this everywhere i go now!
The texture is so smooth and it is so affordable,
and i love the slim packaging that dose not take
much space in my hand bag! <3 

Peri's Lip Balm and Lip Ink Review!

Hi everybody! In this Blog i'm going to be showing you guys
my Peri's Lip balm and Lip ink review! I purchase this
product from Korea, as i mentioned on 
my previous blogsome of you may already know that, 
one of my friend help me to 
get bunch of Korean Products to try! 
And this is one the product she 
helped me to purchase! <3 

Actually i saw this product recently when i was shopping
at Watson, and they also sell Peri's cosmetics. 
I think the packaging is quite attractive, 
i love the little carton on the  bottle as well.
I think this product is great for doing 
Korean Gradient lips look or if you are looking for
a moisturizing Lip tint! <3 


This is my lips before (i didn't apply anything on my lips ) 

I applied a concealer on my lips only on the outer
part of my lips so it's easier for me to create a gradient lips! 

And i'm applying the product only on 
the center part of my lips . 

Using my fingers to spread the lip products outward,  

To finish off i'm going to apply Peri's lip balm on my lips
to moisturize my lips!  

So this is how my lips looks like after!  


The texture is creamy and easy to apply, 
it is also great for dry lips, because it is pretty
moisturizing, and it smells amazing as well. 
it smells yummy :p <3   

 i LOVE the applicator! The applicator is a little flat,
and it's easy to apply if you want to fill in your whole lips, 
and getting around the edges without making a mess!  And 
it is also long lasting so you don't need to worry about
 re-applying after having a meal or a drink  :p  Love it <3

Ariana Grande Dangerous Women Inspired makeup

Hi everybody! So recently i have been obsessed with 
Ariana Grande music video called " Dangerous Women " 
I think in this music video, she is more sexy and it's different
from her other music video! I really love her make up in 
her music video as well! Her makeup in the music video,
she did kind of like a pink eye shadow and 
smoke it out at the corner of the eyes, 
and she also did it with a nude lips! 


So starting off i'm going to do my eyebrows,
 i am using a eyebrow pencil to out line my brows first,
and then fill them in. I'm going to slightly arch 
my eyebrows on the tails of myeyebrows 
like Ariana Grande eyebrows. 


I'm taking 10. Strawberry Bon Bon

And i'm putting all over my eyelid. 

After i done applying the eye shadow all over my eyelid
i'm taking 16Amaretto  

I'm going to apply it on the outer corner of my eyes and 
then slowly blend it to the center of my eyes. for smokey
sexy eyes look. 

And i'm also going to take the same eye shadow
and i'm going to put it on the lower lid. 

I'm taking a gel eyeliner and going to line my eyes. 
to elongate my eyes as well.
I'm also going to line on my lower lid.

After i done lining my eyes, i'm going to take my all
time favorite lashes from DAISO <3 which is really
affordable and comfortable!

I'm applying mascara on my lower lashes! 

And then i'm going to apply Foundation. 

I'm going to powder my face, to give it a matte finish. 

I'm using Etude House 101 Play stick 

I'm going to contour my cheek bones 

And my Nose to look like Ariana Grande

And also on my forehead  

And then on my chin to create sharp chin like Ariana Grade. 

And i'm highlighting my under eye to hide my dark under eye.

On my chin for my shin to look protruding.  

To make more definition. 

And i'm taking blush from benefit called dandelion. on 
my cheek bones and brush it across a little angled 
so my face looks more sharp and not chubby. 

And i'm taking this beautiful Salmon color lipstick by
bobbi brown 

And i'm taking another anther lipstick that 
has a light pink color because just having the bobbi
brown salmon color will be a little too nude. 

So this is how i look like after when i'm done!

You can also watch the tutorial on YouTube